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This week I have been talking with Jo from Cup of Toast about her wonderful wedding.

First of all, congratulations on your marriage, Jo! When was the big day?

Thanks! We got married in November 2008, so are well on our way to organising a 10thwedding anniversary celebration for next year!

Tell me a bit about yourself and your partner. When and where did you first meet?

We met at school although we didn’t get together until our early twenties. We got chatting at a mutual friend’s house warming party and caught up on a few more nights out. We quickly found that we had a lot of common interests.

How did they propose? Or was it you who popped the question?

He proposed in our living room! It wasn’t very romantic, in fact he was tying his shoelace as we were getting ready to go out. We chose a ring together, and after he had picked it up he cooked a lovely meal though and asked again.

Tell me a bit about your big day. Where did you tie the knot? Did you have a theme or a colour scheme?

We tied the knot at the gorgeous Wroxall Abbey in Warwickshire. My dress had blush pink flowers on it so my husband matched his cravat with that. My bridesmaids wore a variety of shades of green. Otherwise the only theme was really to be ourselves.

We had a lot of different influences, from our love of animals, to a variety of music and little touches like providing a toy box for our younger guests because it was so important that they were part of our day. Although we wore fairly formal clothing, we wanted it to be a relaxed and happy affair for our families and friends.

What was your favourite memory from your day?

There are so many! Our wedding breakfast stands out as one. It was very relaxed and we got a chance to chat to all of our guests. In the evening I grabbed the microphone from the band and sang a song karaoke style with my husband which was great fun too!

Was there anything that didn’t go to plan? Or that you would perhaps have done differently?

My husband had a bad accident earlier in the year, and I was ill for a couple of months with glandular fever directly before we got married! So many of the final touches were not done and plans definitely changed to focussing on getting married and having a party with our family and friends rather than the specifics. It worked out well though and we all had a lovely day which was the important thing!

Do you have any advice for future brides to be?

Relax and enjoy yourself. The most important thing is getting married, the rest is the ‘nice to have’.

Definitely agree with you there, Jo! If you would like to read more from Jo, visit her website or head over to her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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