Mummy Mondays – Benjamin at 9 Months 

I tried to avoid starting another of these posts by commenting on how quickly the time is going by but *whispers* how is my baby boy already 9 months old?! With our wedding just over 6 weeks away, this year truly has gone by in a flash, and my baby is beginning to look more and more like a little boy. This month has seen his development continue… 


Benjamin doesn’t want to sit still anymore. He is constantly trying to pull himself up to stand, using our hands, legs, the furniture… He is happiest when he is stood and he loves to walk along using our fingers for support. I really think he will be walking properly within a month or two, which is earlier than his brother and sister. 

When he isn’t attempting to walk, Benjamin is crawling everywhere and getting into mischief! He was getting about commando style, but he now tends to mix this with the ‘proper’ style and will happily switch between the two as he moves from room to room. He’s so fast, I can no longer sit peacefully when he’s on the move. 


Benjamin continues to love his food. He has developed some firm favourites, spaghetti bolognese with a side of garlic bread being his number one, but he will also happily tuck into something new. Whilst in town at the weekend he enjoyed chewing on a currant bun, and he has developed a penchant for fruit recently, especially tinned pears! 

Although we are primarily sticking to baby led weaning, to avoid too much of a mess we sometimes spoon feed him certain foods such as yoghurt, soup and beans. This seems to work well for us, and Benjamin is happy as long as he is getting food! 


I’ve started struggling for the first time since Benjamin was a newborn with the breastfeeding. Benjamin now has two ‘half’ teeth, teeth which haven’t yet cut through completely, and from time to time he will bite down on my nipple before, after or during a feed. It really hurts and the other day he managed to break the skin and I had a very sore area on my nipple for a few days until it scabbed over. 

I have been struggling in the early hours of the morning as well as Benjamin has been having difficulty going to sleep at night and then waking at 4/5/6am. I am exhausted and have discussed the possibility of stopping, but I know I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet. Hopefully things will improve soon! 


Benjamin is definitely chattier lately, and seems to have started to attempt his sister’s name (he says Car, Car lots). He stilllllllll refuses to say mama, and just laughs at me if I try to get him to, but I’m hopeful that one day he will decide he loves me after all (I joke, I know his reluctance isn’t personal). 


Benjamin is in his 9-12 months clothes, and is such a messy pup lately that I think we may have to restock some of his outfits before we head out to Santorini next month as he’s got delightful orange stains from his new favourite organix pepper heart snacks… I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s into the 12-18 Months wardrobe – he’s growing so fast! 


As I mentioned a little further up, Benjamin is still cutting his first two teeth at the moment, and this means two things – 1) he is struggling to get off to sleep at night and sometimes wakes again wanting comfort and 2) he is putting absolutely everything he can get hold of into his mouth to chew on it and relieve his discomfort. I’m really hoping for all our sakes that the teeth pop through completely before long as it’s not been fun! 


Benjamin continues to be cheeky, to the extent that I think we will have some trouble from him as he grows up. As he continues to develop and learn new things he has begun to put himself at risk and when I try and tell him off he flashes me a big cheeky grin and carries on! 

We went to Ed’s parent’s house the other evening and his mum went to cuddle him and he cried. When his dad came in he went straight to him and then sought Ed’s mum out to give her a big grin as if to say ‘haha’! Naughty little boy… 

It’ll be interesting to see his walking and talking continue in the coming months. I’m really enjoying seeing him learning new things and gaining more independence. 

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