Mummy Mondays – To Dummy or Not to Dummy, Is That the Question? 

For some people, pregnancy is a time to make plans, to come up with strategies on how they will parent, to stock up on all the essentials. 

Pregnancy with Benjamin was different. I had already had two children previously, gone through two pregnancies and births, been that kind of parent, the one who tries to have a plan. 

This time round I was different, I knew that whatever I planned wouldn’t matter as the baby would be the one to lead the way, to decide what worked for him. 

Case in point has been dummies. I happen to love dummies. Many people would disagree with me, there seems to be a lot of hate for the humble dummy (or pacifier if you’re American)… But to me, a dummy is a brilliant invention. It can help settle a baby when nothing else can. It can be something for the baby to suck on when teething or when feeling a bit under the weather, for comfort. 

When Benjamin was born I would have loved for him to take a dummy. Benjamin has other ideas. At first, maybe because he was so small, a dummy just made him gag. I gave up trying, scared he might throw up. 

I tried again a couple of months later and nope, still gagged. I figured it was maybe the type of teat and went to buy different ones. He still gagged, so I gave up again. 

He began to use my nipple much like he would a dummy, to soothe himself, to get off to sleep even after he had finished his milk. Quite simply it’s been a bit of a nightmare. 

I love breastfeeding, don’t get me wrong, but when he’s finished his food but still won’t let my nipple go… I have things to be getting on with as a mum of three. The older two deserve to have some of my attention.  

We decided to try one last time with a dummy. Tommee Tippee had sent me out some along with the bottle and steriliser I recently reviewed, they’re suitable for 0-6 months and have super cute designs, so I figured what was there to lose and tried the dummy with Benjamin. 

I’m all about honest reviews so I’m not going to lie and say it was a miracle, he instantly took to the dummy and all our troubles were over. They weren’t. However, he didn’t gag on this one, and a glimmer of hope shone through. 

We’ve tried a few times and he does seem to like the dummy, the closer to nature teats seem to work better and I think their size and shape help him to not gag on them. It’s just trying to get him to understand how to keep it in his mouth rather than pushing it back out, although the dummy clips do at least ensure the dummy doesn’t roll off and get lost.

What can I say, maybe he just doesn’t want a dummy. At least it’ll be easier later on down the line when we would have to wean him off of it… Every cloud and all that. As I said, in my opinion making plans for children just doesn’t work…
Tommee Tippee sent us 2 dummies and 2 dummy clips  for the purpose of review, however all views and opinions are our own. 

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10 thoughts on “Mummy Mondays – To Dummy or Not to Dummy, Is That the Question? 

  1. countryheartdeb

    We have always used dummies to help settle the little ones, they grow out of them sooner or later where as thumb sucking is there all the time! lol I think whatever works for you do it 🙂


  2. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    Some babies just don’t want a dummy! My girl loves hers though


  3. Amy @ The Smallest Of Things

    My first never took one which I’m quite glad about but my second NEEDS one 🙊 ox


  4. Lindsey

    All kids are different, I did not give one to Leanora if I’m honest I can not stand them, but my mother did try to giver one, luckily for me she rejected it


  5. Everything Mummy

    aww bless him, My eldest had a dummy after a little persuasion the other two wee not interested in the slightest. I did find they were clung to me a little more though!


  6. Kate R

    My boy loved his dummies for nap times at first, we used this brand too and another. And I found it a useful weapon in my arsenal when out and about and he got upset or tired. But shortly after he was 10 months old he just decided he didn’t want them. My daughter (now 19 months) found her thumb early on and has never taken a dummy – she’s currently sitting next to me watching a peppa pig episode and having a suck – it’s part of her way to relax 😍 Kate x


  7. Emily and Indiana

    I don’t see a problem with dummies at all, they’re a life saver! My two were fussy though and only ever took to the MAM ones xx


    1. thimbleandtwig

      How funny both my two will only take mam too!


  8. thimbleandtwig

    Totally with you! I love the dummy! My first 2 wouldn’t take one and were much tricker to settle. My 3rd and 4th both took one and are much easier to settle to sleep. My first was terribly confused with feeding and settling with the boob! Very annoying!!


  9. talulahandtup

    Dummies were always life savers for me with my two boys (until you can’t find one in the middle of the night out of the hundreds you have!!) I will definitely plan to use one this time if this baby needs one. Some babies do just need that extra comfort!


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