How to Host the Perfect Pre-Christmas Party 

Ok, before I start this, I’m talking party in the small gathering with a couple bottles of (in this case mulled) wine sense rather than a full on rave which will have the neighbours banging on the walls to keep the noise down.

Ed and I aren’t really the type to cause a noise disruption and our friends are now at the ages where they’re for the most part settled down with children just as much as we are. That said, it doesn’t mean we don’t like to let our hair down from time to time.

Christmas time is very much about quality time spent with family and friends. Christmas Day itself can go by in a blur so it’s good to plan smaller gatherings in the days before to really appreciate each other. What better way to do that than to whack on the Christmas tunes and pour out the mulled wine. Here’s my guide to hosting the perfect pre-Christmas party…

1. Bulk buy the mulled wine (ok, I don’t personally like the stuff but Ed does and it’s so festive! Like Christmas in a bottle).

2. It’s all about the Christmas songs. Christmas movies are great and all that but if you put on a film you’ll all just sit and watch it and not catch up or you’ll not take in the film because you’re all chatting away. Christmas songs provide the perfect background noise for this occasion

3. Crack open the Christmas chocolates – you know the ones, they come in massive tins and tubs that are only socially acceptable at this time of year. Bring them out and pass them around – you know it makes sense

4. Bring out the games – Cater to your crowd. Have older relatives over? Maybe opt for Trivial Pursuit over Cards against Humanity (though to be fair, we played as a family and my nan was hilarious!)

5. Lighting is key – so if you’re playing games you don’t want to be in pitch black but some good mood lighting can work wonders. Dimmer switches, fairy lights and the glow of your Christmas tree are where it’s at. Some yummy Christmas scented candles wouldn’t go a miss either…

6. Make the effort. Ok, so I’m not suggesting getting out the ball grown and dusting off the tiara, but making a bit of an effort can really put you in the mood for a good time. A nice party dress or a fancy top and black jeans can take you from your usual Wednesday night in front of the TV to a classy little rendezvous.

7. Relax – as a host it can be hard to relax and enjoy your party, but don’t let all your preparations go to waste. You’re with your close friends and family who love you, just the way you are, so sit back, grab a mulled wine and a few chocolates and relax – it’s Christmas!

Are you planning a pre Christmas party? Do you have any other tips on how to make it a success? 

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5 thoughts on “How to Host the Perfect Pre-Christmas Party 

  1. kris

    Im all for early nights now instead of partys now we have 2 terrors. Mulled wine is gross its just boiled wine haha 🙂


  2. Steph

    Definitely music, not film or TV programmes. If there’s something on that night that you want to watch, hit record!! We love a board game – I doubt we’ll be able to get the Cards Against Humanity out until NYE though as all our family are coming over during the day when the kids are up! x


  3. Rachel

    Chocolates are a must!!! We’re doing a mini Christmas dinner and presents with some of our friends! We also did gingerbread house making and decorating which was so much fun!!!


  4. Babies and Beauty

    Yes on stocking up on bottles and choccy!! We’re having a little get together on the 23rd so I’ve literally done a party food shop just for that 😂 it contains SO much choccy haha. This made me feel so festive.



  5. Lindsey

    Some great tips, especialy the one to relax as a host, we can put to much pressure on! But i say crack open and heat some mulled wine, get the christmas songs out and lets play games.



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