Wedding Wednesday – Sit Down with a Supplier – Paradox London

This week I’ve been chatting with Francesca, Senior Buyer for Paradox London. 

Hi Francesca, can you please explain what your company does?

Paradox London revolutionised the bridal footwear market with the introduction of fashion reflective styling. We offer timeless Bridal and Occasion shoes suitable for all tastes and styles.

What are your top tips for couples?

Just to enjoy their big day as much as possible, all the stresses are over now!

What do you enjoy most about working in the wedding industry?

I enjoy creating beautiful shoes that brides can enjoy for one of their best days of their life…!

What are the trends for 2016-2017?

Our SS17 collection was inspired by Fairytale romance, Hollywood Glamour and Vintage laces.

These are 5 shoes from our new Pink Paradox collection! 

Promise: £54.95
Cassidy: £74.95
Affinity: £59.95
Indulgence: £89.95
Peyton: £49.95

Thank you Francesca! 

If you would like to see the entire range that Paradox London offer, visit their website
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