Christmas Gift Guide – Bloggers 

Buying a fellow blogger a Christmas present and not sure what the hell to get them? Or perhaps you are looking for inspiration on what other people can get you? I’ve put together some of the things I have/wish I had to provide some inspiration… 

Olympus Pen £399 John Lewis 

John Lewis

This camera is just so damn pretty. And it takes some pretty awesome photos too, what’s not to love? Seriously though, I sold my DSLR to buy myself this and I have no regrets. Yes, my canon might have had better picture quality (only slightly in my opinion) but what use was that when I barely used it cos it was so big and bulky? The Olympus Pen is the bloggers camera, so many of us have it and it’s easy to see why. Brilliant photo quality, pretty good video quality as well and seriously, look how pretty! If you don’t already own it, get it on your wish list now! 

Olympus 45mm lens £179 Amazon 


If you happen to already have the Olympus, get yourself this lens. I’m getting this for Christmas from Ed and I cannot wait after seeing so many amazing reviews. Takes the pen that one step further to beautiful photos! 

Blogger Mug £8.99 sold by Gwennansillustration on Etsy 


I don’t actually drink hot drinks but this mug is so pretty I may just need to use it for my Prosecco… 

Blog Print £4.90 Lily Rose Co. on Not on the Highstreet 

Not on the Highstreet

What to get the blogger who has everything? A pretty slogan sign for their wall! This one is gorgeous! 

Personalised Blog Planner £42.99 The Empire Girl Planned on Not on the Highstreet 

Not on the Highstreet

Feeling you need to up your blogging game in 2017? Get yourself a planner to keep track of everything and write down your goals. This one looks brilliant. 

Little Miss Blogger Mug £8.99 Amazon 


I actually got this last year and I love it. As I mentioned, I don’t drink hot drinks but I’ve used it as a prop in photos before so who cares?! 

Juice Squash Power Bank £15.95 John Lewis 

John Lewis
This is an essential for anyone who, like me, is constantly writing notes, blog posts, transferring photos from their camera and staying on top of social media. Being a blogger drains your phone battery. This is the solution! 

Today’s Outfit Slogan Tee £9.95 The Clothing Shed 

The Clothing Shed

I love this tee. They have lots of other options on the website but this is probably my fave. Perfect for that Instagram shot! 

Black Speech Bubble Chalkboard £5.99 New Look

New Look

I love quirky gifts like this and it could be re-used for a backdrop photo. I would suggest buying a chalk pen rather than trying to write with chalk, not as easy as it sounds! 

Custom Blog Design Gift Voucher £48 Pretty Wild Things 

Pretty Wild Things
I would love somebody to come along and redesign my blog for me as I find it so difficult. This is the perfect gift for anyone in the same situation. So great that they offer gift vouchers! 

Blogging your Way to Riches £14.99 Amazon 

New to blogging? This book covers everything! Even if you’ve been doing it a while, it looks like a brilliant book and I will definitely be having a read for tips… 

I Look Better on the Internet Makeup Bag £10 Rock on Ruby on Not on the Highstreet 

Not on the Highstreet

I love this makeup bag! Not only is it so true for me, it would look great in a flat lay too… 

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide – Bloggers 

  1. Mummy Times Two

    What fantastic looking gifts. I would love any of those, well especially the pretty camera of course x


  2. gotmeghan

    Lol I would love to get those mugs or first print. It sort of defines my life when a new month comes along!


  3. Angela

    I love the Little Miss Blogger mug


    1. evenangelsfall89

      It’s really cool isn’t it! z


  4. Donna

    I love this list! I have opened a few things in new tabs to go and check out the products and stores! You have great taste 🙂 x


    1. evenangelsfall89

      Ah thank you, I have had to put some on my own wishlist after writing this! x


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