Christmas Gift Guide – The Man in Your Life 

I don’t know about you but I find buying for men incredibly difficult in comparison to buying for children or for women. With women the main problem is that I buy something as a gift and end up getting myself it too because I want it… 

With men, I can’t get into the mindset as easily and often find myself going for safe options when gift buying. I’ve put together this gift guide as inspiration for anyone who may also be finding it difficult this year… 

Master Pan £48.42 Amazon 


This pan looks pretty incredible to be honest and I know that lots of men would agree. Multitasking/laziness at its peak.

Manscape Valet Drawer with Charging Station £14.99 Amazon 


I love this practical yet stylish gift, perfect for those who like their gadgets. 

Build me Mini Personalised Lego Figure – £17.99 – £29.99 Mini Figure Me 

Mini Figure Me

I bought one of these for Ed and it’s actually pretty good! I ended up giving it to him as an early present and he loved it. A great novelty gift for the Lego lover in your life. 

ManCave Survival Kit £29.99 Boots 


This vegan friendly brand have put together the ultimate ‘survival kit’ for your man. 

Super car Drive Wild Ride £89.00 Boots 


Men who can only dream of owning a super car can at least experience driving one if only for a day with this brilliant gift experience. 

Night School – Lee Child £12.99 Waterstones 


Popular Jack Reacher series continues with the latest addition available in hardback from Waterstones. 

Camera Lens Mug £12.99 Waterstones 


This novelty gift would be the perfect gift for those blogger boyfriends out there! 

Cards against Humanity £25 Amazon 


If you have never played this game you are missing out! If they already have the original set, there’s plenty of expansion packs available online to keep the offensive fun going. 

Molecular Gastronomy Kit £29.99 Find me a Gift 

Find me a Gift

This inventive set would be perfect for someone at home in the kitchen with a bit of a quirky side to them. Think more Heston than Jamie… 

The Live Escape Game for Two £44 Find me a Gift 

Find me a Gift

Although this is my worst nightmare, being claustrophobic, the concept behind this experience Gift is pretty cool. Plus as it’s for two people you can go along too, win win! 

Hugo Boss Gift Box £57.60 John Lewis 

John Lewis

This gift is amazing value and smells so nice. Plus the advert has Gerard Butler in it, what’s not to love? 

John Lewis Cambridge 2 Medium Explorer Bag Brown £89 John Lewis 

John Lewis

For the man who always asks to put stuff in your handbag, this bag is perfect for anyone who travels, as a work bag or even as a stylish manly alternative to a nappy bag for new fathers. 

HYMN Frosty the Snowman Jumper Sweatshirt £50 John Lewis 

John Lewis

Want your man to get in the festive spirit but he refuses to tack it up? This jumper may just be the compromise. It’s stylish and festive. Yay! 

Personalised Vinyl Record Wall Clock £20 Not on the Highstreet 

Not on the Highstreet

I love that this record clock can be personalised with their favourite record. Ed would definitely have Queen!  

Three Month Friday Night Curry Subscription £22 Not on the Highstreet 

Not on the Highstreet

What better gift than one that keeps on giving? Plus you get to eat the delicious curries each month too, woo! 


27 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide – The Man in Your Life 

  1. Buying presents for men are really difficult, I totally agree!! I am still struggling to find a few pieces so thank you for the amazing guide, love the ideas you have selected. There is a bit of everything there! I do love the master pan I must say!


  2. I love the little mini lego figures. I have already bought my bf’s pressie but this will come in perfect for a wee birthday pressie!


  3. My husband and I have been together for 16 years, so we have pretty much bought each other everything. But he loves cards against humanity.


  4. Never mind the man in my live, there are quite a few things here that I would like for myself. Love the book, the master pan, the charging station, the lego figures and the Live escape game. Hopefully me and my sister will be going to one of these escape games next year


  5. The charging station is a great idea and it’s a reasonably priced gift too. There are some great gifts here maybe I should get some of these to finish all y gifts for the numerous men in my life, family that is no others lol x


  6. I love man gifts! So different, quirky and fun. This is why i like going to shops like menkind. Love the escape room thing (seem so popular at the moment), cooking inspired gift and book.There is something for every type of man. Good list! x


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