Beauty – Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask Review 

I bought myself this mask what feels like forever ago and I only got around to trying it out last week. I’m a bit out of the loop with beauty trends and hadn’t really heard about tissue masks before. Therefore I didn’t know what to expect.


I was a little apprehensive reading the instructions, and when I opened it and realised just how much moisture it had on it I was even more wary. I placed it on my face and scared myself a little when I accidentally covered an eye and nostril – it may be best to look in the mirror whilst you apply it – but when it was finally in place I got used to the feel of it and found it easy to keep on for the advised time (although I looked a little like I belonged in a horror film for the duration). 

When it came to removing it, it was quick and easy, although there was quite a lot of product left on my face – I was kind of expecting it to have sunk in a little more. However, as the instructions suggested, I used a cotton pad to massage the excess moisture into my face and I did feel like the mask had really done something. My face felt really hydrated, and the next morning it still felt amazing and even looked a little fresher. 

I will be experimenting a little more with tissue masks now I know what they are! 

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  1. Tama

    I tried the same mask and I feel the same way about it, it really did hydrate my skin! I will try other’s from this line, so it would be great if you check out my blog!



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