My Monthly Plans – October 

Oops, I missed posting this at the start of the month. I think the fact that our baby is due this month clouded any other plans. To be honest, other then ‘patiently’ waiting for our little bundle of joy to arrive, we don’t have all that many plans this month which makes this a pretty boring post. Still, may as well go ahead now I’ve rambled on for a paragraph! 

7th October – Date Night 

Ed and I have barely seen each other over the last month or so with work, Ed’s martial arts and my ever growing bump all getting in the way. We have a night planned this Friday for some us time, as long as baby doesn’t make an appearance before then. We probably won’t be doing much as I don’t feel up to going out etc but it will still be nice to be together. 

9th October – Rock the Bump Session 

I don’t really know what to expect from this but I’m definitely looking forward to it, again as long as baby hasn’t already left his cosy home in my tummy by then. I will be doing a full review on the blog so watch out for a post coming up soon! 

11th October – Last Day at Work

The day I’ve been counting down to almost as much as my due date. With 4 days left to go I am so ready for a break now. I’m also having reflexology that evening to see if it will help kick start labour so cross your fingers for me! 

18th October – Due Date 

If baby hasn’t already arrived, this will be the next countdown. From finding out at only a few weeks, this pregnancy seems to have dragged most of the time but looking back, the past 8 months have actually flown by. Time goes so fast. It’s so exciting that we will soon have our long awaited baby boy in our arms! 

24th October – Half Term 

The children are off for a week just a week after my due date. Luckily my mum also has the week off and is helping out with them so if I’m overdue things won’t be too stressful, and if baby has arrived then we’ll have that extra bit of help whilst settling into life with a newborn again. 

31st October – Halloween 

Ok, had to slot this in here as I do love Halloween. I don’t actually really celebrate it or do anything but I love a good horror and I like anything that takes us a step closer to my favourite holiday of all time – Christmas! 

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