Wedding Wednesday – Ways to Involve a Reluctant Partner in Wedding Planning 

I’m quite lucky in the sense that Ed takes an interest in our wedding plans, but I know that lots of people have partners who don’t take an active interest and need a nudge in the right direction. Below are my top tips for helping them get excited by all things wedding… 

Arrange a Menu Tasting 
Or cake tasting… Or basically anything that involves food. The quickest way to interest a reluctant partner is to discuss what will be served up on the day and allow them to immerse themselves in choosing what you and your guests will eat. Some venues will include a menu tasting as part of their package, some will offer it an additional cost. It’s always worth doing to see (and taste) what you’ll be having in advance. When it comes to cakes, chocolate fountains, edible favours etc Wedding Fayres often have one or more suppliers offering samples/tasters of their products on the day, which is a great way to get your reluctant partner to tag along with you

Let them Make Decisions 

Sometimes partners feel that they aren’t a proper part of the plans if all the decisions are made by you and they are simply being asked to agree on things you’ve already made your mind up on. A good way to ensure they’re well and truly involved is to hand over the reigns on one or two aspects of the planning. A good place to start would be their outfit for the big day. 

Include their Interest and Hobbies

Weddings can often feel very feminine, so if your rather manly man is feeling a little underwhelmed by yet another mention of blush or rose shades of pink, why not include something more on his wavelength. Good examples are a traditional cake with a twist, a superhero reveal under the groomsmen suits, a table name theme based around their favourite sport or tv show or some masculine entertainment during your drinks reception. Be creative, and get your partner to help come up with the ideas – show them Pinterest and you never know, they might come up with their very own board of inspiration

Have a Night Away from Planning 
Bear with me, this can help them get involved. Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming when everything is about the wedding, and a break away or even just a date night without mentioning the ‘w’ word can actually have the desired effect and have your reluctant partner want to be a part of the plans 

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff 

Yes, the little details and personal touches can make the wedding amazing, but some partners aren’t likely to appreciate this and trying to force them to isn’t the right way to go about things. In order to get them involved in the big decisions, don’t worry about their lack of interest in the smaller bits, save this for discussions with your bridal party 

Discuss What’s Important to Them 

You may be surprised to learn what your partner sees as the most important part of the wedding. Have a chat early on in the planning process and make sure that the budget is split accordingly to cover the parts of the big day both of you value the most. Maybe it’s capturing everything on film, arriving in style with some amazing transport, or providing a culinary feast. Work with their interests and you’ll soon have your partner involved in the plans

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