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If you are a regular reader of the blog you may have seen my recent review of the Jane Irendale makeup range, when I was given a makeover at the local Hi-Therapies beauty salon. I was asked if I would like to come back in for the Environ skin care appointment and of course I took them up on their offer as my skin during pregnancy has been feeling pretty awful. 

Before the appointment

I arrived at the salon and was taken to their new relaxation lounge upstairs where I was able to help myself to a glass of water before my consultant, Gina, came to meet me. 

I was taken to a treatment room and Gina went through Environ as well as my current skin care routine (which is severely lacking, I am incredibly lazy with my skin). She explained that several aspects of the treatment would be adapted for me because I was pregnant. A lot of their products also contain vitamin A, which isn’t advised during pregnancy, so these wouldn’t be used either. 

Gina was really informative and I was reassured that everything she was doing would be totally safe for me and the baby.

I was asked to move forward a little and to put my face in the skin scanner, resting my chin and closing my eyes. It was very quick, simple and painless. 

The Skin Scanner

I sat back and Gina went through different screens in detail, explaining what the different shading and lines on screens meant. I was shocked at some of the results, but Gina was quick to reassure me that actually it wasn’t as bad as it seemed and she explained how I could help to alter any negative effects.

Redness and problem areas
Sun damage

Gina left the room, instructing me to remove my top and to lie on the treatment table for my mini facial. She returned and explained again that the treatment would be done a little differently if I wasn’t pregnant. Gina was sure to check I was comfortable before she began the facial and asked me to let her know if I wasn’t at any point. 

My face was cleansed and then Gina used a special instrument to penetrate the products she used deep into my skin (she explained that usually a further step would ensure they went even deeper) to help products work. The instrument made a high pitched noise, but it was fairly quiet and not uncomfortable.  

The Environ Machine

The treatment lasted around 10 minutes as it was a mini version of the full length environ facial offered at the salon. Due to the limited time, Gina focused on my problem areas (my spotty forehead and tired under eye area). 

The products Gina used smelled amazing and my skin was left feeling soft and hydrated afterwards. 

I got changed and Gina went over what she did and what products she would recommend I use. She gave me information to take away with me. She again explained that some products would be really good for me but only after baby is born. 

I was advised to use a cleanser both morning and night and to moisturise and make sure my foundation was protecting my skin from light and sun and to Gina said to come back in 3 months time for a rescan to see the difference. 

The Environ Range at Hi-Therapies

The appointment was really interesting and helpful and Gina was incredibly knowledgable and friendly. Although it is not the most relaxing of treatments, there was still an air of pampering to it and I came away feeling refreshed and, even after applying more makeup, still felt the difference on my skin. 

I would definitely recommend making an appointment for a skin scan and mini treatment if you have not heard of or used the Environ brand before, and a full length environ facial would be really beneficial if your skin is feeling run down or if you need a boost for a special occasion (the treatment is popular with brides). 

Head over to the Hi-Therapies website to find out more or to book your treatment using their easy online booking system. 

The £15.00 deposit for the appointment was waived for the purpose of this review. 

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