Foodie Friday – What I Eat in a Day – Pregnancy Edition 

So I mentioned in a recent post that I really am not following any kind of healthy eating plan whilst I’m pregnant. I try not to constantly stuff sugar and fat in my mouth as I know it’s not great for the baby, but in general, my diet does relax and being pregnant is the time when I allow myself to indulge any cravings I have. I thought it might be interesting to show you what I typically eat in a day whilst I’m pregnant, so here goes… 
7.15am I’ll make myself a bacon roll for breakfast, with ketchup. I was trying to be good and having this in a wholemeal roll but bacon just tastes better on white… 
11am depending on how busy work has been I can be starving by the time 11 rolls around and happily tuck into my cereal bar. If I’m worked off my feet I can miss it out without a problem. 

12 midday I eat my lunch fairly early. I don’t have a lunch break as such as I only work 5 hours, so I eat at my desk. For this reason I keep my lunch fairly small and general have a cheese roll with either some biscuits or a cheeky chocolate bar on the side. I always pack an apple and then don’t eat it at work as it makes too much noise and I feel self conscious! 

2.30pm I sometimes eat my apple just before picking Carly up from nursery. Other times I don’t and she steals it from me. At least it’s something healthy she loves! 

5.45 pm I have dinner ready for when Ed gets in from work. We have a variety of meals – sausages, spaghetti bolognese, chilli, curry, fajitas etc. I used to cut out carbs for dinner but whilst I’m pregnant, if I crave chips I’ll have some with my meal (covered in vinegar and with ketchup on the side) 

9.30pm It’s bad but we tend to snack on bad things fairly late at night when Ed comes back from the gym and the kids are asleep. It can be anything from chocolate, ice cream, crisps or popcorn. It’s usually complete junk though and will be the hardest habit to break when the baby comes and I’m trying to lose the weight… 

Oh, and I also randomly eat whole tomatoes when I feel like it as I crave them. And sometimes a sneaky magnum might be consumed around 4pm when the kids and me get in from the school run and I’m feeling peckish. 

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