Throwback Thursday – 10 Things I Miss Since Becoming a Mum 

So last night I went out for a much needed catch up meal with my ‘mum’ friends, the girls I met at antenatal classes when pregnant with Carly. 
During the meal, we discussed the usual mummy kind of things that no longer phase us during eating such as toilet habits of our offspring and how little sleep we got the night before. 

So for this week’s throwback post, I thought I would put together a list of all the things I miss since becoming a mum. 

1. Being able to leave the house on time 

2. Going a whole day without stepping on a toy/painful piece of Lego/item of food dropped on the floor 

3. Proper lie ins – a lie in for me post kids consists of staying in bed but being jumped on 

4. Crazy nights out – the hangover with young children in tow is just not worth it 

5. Spending money on myself – I have guilt every time I buy myself anything and usually end up spending any spare money on the children 

6. Being selfish in general 

7. Having the freedom to book anything last minute 

8. Eating chocolate when I wanted without the fear of being caught 

9. Wearing white for a special occasion 

10. Having normal bladder function 

P.S just in case this didn’t make it clear, I do dearly love my children and they make it all worth it. I just wish I had appreciated the above more before having them… 

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