Our Engagement Shoot 

On Saturday Ed and I had our engagement shoot with his friend Tim, a professional photographer, who is going to be photographing our wedding in Santorini in two years time. 

It was blooming freezing on Saturday here but we braved the cold and headed over to Upton for the shoot, on the edge of the forest right by Upton Country House. It was a little awkward at first, but Tim was brilliant at putting us at ease and he clearly knew what he was doing, setting up poses and capturing some natural shots of us as well. After a little while I relaxed and remembered how much I like being in front of the camera. 

We didn’t expect to see any finished images for awhile but were seriously impressed when Tim put some shots up on Facebook on Sunday evening. They are amazing and have got me impatient for our wedding photos, with the stunning scenery of Santorini as a backdrop instead of the cold and gloomy English countryside. 

I would definitely recommend Tim as a photographer as he has a natural talent and has managed to capture us just as we are whilst styling us just enough to bring out the best of us both at the same time.


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