My Resting Bitch Face 

Yeah, that’s actually a thing and I totally have it. Realising that I’m not the only person out there that walks about their daily life looking like someone just died is such a relief. 


My resting bitch face in all its glory
In fact, the ‘syndrome’ is more common than you might think. Just bringing it up at work led to the discovery that half of us suffer from it – not that brilliant considering we work in sales! 

I have always been accused of being ‘moody’ and being told to cheer up, even when I’m perfectly fine. People often think I’m angry at them or that they’ve done something to offend me and new people who meet me instantly get the impression I am a total cow because of my face. 

It’s difficult to change as well. I have never been a smiley smiley person. It’s just easier to let my mouth turn down than force it to turn up. At least now the phenomenon has become more mainstream, I have an explanation when someone asks me why I look so fed up – it’s just my resting bitch face (although ask me enough times and you can drop the resting part)… 

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