Tips for Cutting Household Costs

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Although Ed and I have been lucky to keep our jobs and work through Covid-19 and lockdown, it is undeniable that the pandemic has had an effect on many people’s finances, and we have definitely been trying to be more cautious when it comes to bills and other house related costs. I’ve put together some tips for cutting household costs during this challenging time, and going forward.

LED Lighting

Changing to energy efficient lighting does involve an initial outlay, but the subsequent savings make it worth it. LED Lighting is a cheaper alternative to traditional lighting and has the added benefit of being greener too. LED lighting can make all the difference to your electricity bill, plus they last so much longer than traditional bulbs, making them a cost effective purchase. It’s definitely worth looking into your options.

Switch Energy Supplier

When it comes to gas and electricity suppliers, many people opt to stay with who they are with, even if their bills are higher than they would like, out of convenience. Take some time to look into what you are paying, and shop around to find the best deal based on your usage. You can use specialised price comparison websites, to make the process really simple, and it can save huge amounts of money per year in bills.

Check Your Council Tax

If you sometimes struggle to pay your Council Tax bill, it may be worth double checking that you are on the right band, as apparently many people in the UK aren’t. It could save you hundreds of pounds, for something which takes minutes to check via an online search – it’s a no-brainer.

Cut Your Broadband Bill

Again, you could be paying too much for your Broadband (and home phone line and mobile phone bills too, come to think of it). Make a call and double check you are getting the best deal your provider can offer, and if they aren’t competitively priced, it could be worth shopping around for a better deal. Again, you can use price comparison website tools to see where the best offers are, and you may be surprised to find how much you could save per month.

Grow Your Own

If you eat a lot of fresh produce and you have the space in your garden, why not consider growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs? We recently discovered a Mint bush, along with the Rosemary bush in our garden, and it is brilliant to have fresh herbs with our roast dinners and Mojitos – plus it saves money buying them from the supermarket.

If you are struggling a little financially right now, it can really help to look into how to save money on household bills. Shopping around and considering more energy efficient lighting, alongside growing your own food where possible, has the potential of saving you thousands per year – which can be a big help during these challenging times.

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