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I am the least domesticated person ever and quite often go to find an item of clothing to wear to an event on the day, only to realise I wore it the week before and forgot to wash it. This has happened more times than I care to admit in recent months, so when the lovely team at Tin Man Comms got in touch to let me know all about Day 2, the world’s first dry wash spray, with an offer to send me the range across to try out, I was intrigued!

I was sent across the Original, Delicates and Denim sprays as well as the Original travel size. The sprays aim to save time by instantly reviving and smoothing any outfit to give it a just washed, just ironed smell and appearance within minutes. It’s like a dry shampoo for your clothes and just as much a lifesaver for a busy mum like me.

As well as being great as a quick fix before a night out, Day 2 is perfect to pack in your suitcase and take along on your holidays to de-crease clothing after a flight. It is also an energy conserving product. Rather than washing items of clothing after every wear, the spray can be used for items that aren’t actually dirty, saving water and, in the long term, the planet. The bottles are powered by air, making them carbon neutral when sprayed as well.

The fine mist sprays on just like a dry shampoo and works perfectly to refresh clothes in between washes. Lay clothes out flat, spray on, smooth and leave for 15 minutes. I was sceptical before trying it out but it really does make clothes seem freshly washed.

I used the delicates spray on a cashmere jumper I have, which I had been putting off trying to handwash, and it worked really well, without causing any damage to the delicate knit, and leaving it smelling lovely and fresh. It can also be used on embellished items, which is amazing. Meanwhile, the denim spray not only refreshes jeans, but also helps to slow down fading, which is a total game changer!

I put the travel sized bottle in my bag for a recent mini break and it was brilliant at refreshing my gym stuff after I went for a run in the morning. The anti-odour technology in the spray also allowed me to put the clothes back in my bag without worrying about making the rest of my clothes smell.

The sprays are available in 200ml original and 75ml travel sized bottles, direct from the Day 2 website, online at Amazon and Ocado and in-store at Waitrose.

I was sent a selection of Day 2 sprays for the purpose of this post, however all words and images are my own. 

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