Why Santorini is Top of My Travel Bucket List

Although travelling abroad is not something I would feel comfortable or confident doing just yet, I have been spending some of lockdown reassessing my travel bucket list, looking ahead to a time post Covid-19 when hopefully travel will return to at least some semblance of normal. Topping my list for international travel is Santorini. I have only been once before but it’s safe to say it made an impact, and I can’t wait to go back again. If you are considering future travel to Santorini, and haven’t been before, here’s why Santorini is top of my travel bucket list.

The Stunning Scenery

It is undeniable, Santorini has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. I couldn’t get over how mesmerising the whitewashed walls and blue domed buildings looked against the perfect cloudless skies. It was just as incredible as the images you see online. Walking around, I just wanted to snap away on my camera constantly. I have never been to a more picturesque place before. That isn’t to say there aren’t areas that are lacking, but it is just the most beautiful island and I highly recommend visiting to see for yourself.

The Food

I hadn’t really tried Greek food before we visited Santorini, and wasn’t sure what to expect but I actually really loved some of the dishes I had. The hotel we were staying in played it a little safe, but we ventured out to eat at local restaurants and had some gorgeous meals whilst there. I think my favourite meal was when we stopped off during a boat trip, where we ate at a little beachfront bistro.

The Atmosphere

I am not a big party person, so places with a proper party vibe like Ibiza and Cyprus make me feel a bit anxious. I loved that Santorini was bustling with people without feeling overcrowded, and it didn’t get as rowdy as other places I have visited before. We went for a few meals in the area we were staying (Thira) and there was just a really nice vibe, it wasn’t too loud, but the atmosphere was brilliant.

The Weather

Ok, so I am sure Santorini has its fair share of not so great weather, but generally speaking, during peak season, you are almost guaranteed sunshine for your trip. We went at the end of August, beginning of September and the temperature was high twenties/early thirties, with brilliant blue skies and sunshine daily. Going back, we are looking at visiting May/June, which I think will be a better temperature to explore properly, as it was quite difficult walking around in the heat last time. Santorini is quite hilly, and it was a little difficult walking up steep inclines without a breeze.

The Tourism

I am not a big excursions person, and I am generally happy to just chill by the pool when I am somewhere sunny, but as it was a special holiday for us and we were there with friends and family, we did go on a couple of day trips and these were so much fun! My favourite day of the trip (other than our wedding day itself) was the day we went out on a boat trip, which stopped off at a volcano and the coastline, where we had some food before re-boarding. It was such an amazing experience, and one which I would love to do again when we visit the island again. We also went to Oia for sunset, which is another trip I would 100% recommend. The views are stunning, and it was fantastic to experience the sunset not only with our loved ones, but with a group of people all there to see the sun setting on the horizon.

It’s Where We Got Married!

Ok, so this isn’t really relevant for anybody else considering a trip to Santorini but for Ed and I, the island will always hold an extra special place in our hearts as it is where we got married three years ago. Our wedding day was absolutely incredible, and the views across the caldera as we said our vows was breathtaking. We were due to have gone away, just the two of us, back in May, and I am so excited to book a trip there once we are able to do so safely.

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