How to Achieve the Perfect Blow Dry

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At the end of last week, myself, Chynna and Molly headed over to Salisbury to visit Molly’s hairdresser Paige in the Legally Blonde salon. I will admit, I had not visited Salisbury before, despite it being only around 40 minutes from me in Bournemouth, but from what I saw of the city, I would love to visit again.

We arrived in torrential rain, and Paige was so welcoming, offering us a glass of fizz and getting us out of our sodden coats before offering us a seat and some mini cupcakes whilst Chynna took a seat for her consultation. Whilst we waited, Molly and I chatted about the salon – she has been having her hair done by Paige since she was a teenager, so it was lovely to know we were in good hands.

When it was my turn to have my hair done, I was happy to let Paige decide how to style it, whilst I laid back in the chair and enjoyed having my hair washed and massaged. I am not 100% sure what products Paige used on my hair (bad blogger), but whatever it was turned my hair to silk, and even after washing it again myself at home two days later, my hair was so much more manageable and felt touchably soft for days.

Paige curled my hair, after first blow drying it and running straighteners through. I loved how it looked, and knew I had to ask Paige for her tips on achieving the perfect blow dry. Here’s what she had to say….

1) always towel dry your hair to take out as much moisture as you can, plus products will work better when the hair isn’t soaking!

2) use products!!! They really do work, my favourites are Matrix miracle creator and Grow Gorgeous serum for sleek hair and fudge salt spray for a textured look.

3) blast hair to about 80% dry then section- 3 sections works well for most hair types. Ear-Ear, Temple- Temple and then the final top section. If you have a fringe make sure this is the first thing you dry!

4)For a sleek look start at the root and glide the dryer towards the ends- if you are new to blow drying try a hot brush! If it’s taking ages to dry your section is too big!

5) for waves texture the hair using your fingers in a scrunch motion or use a diffuser! Most are universal so will work for all dryers.

6) finally finish using straighteners for the ends- especially if your hair is liable to frizz, or a wand to enhance a few waves

Thanks so much to Molly for the invite, and to Paige for the lovely service and gorgeous goody bag at the end of the night. It was the perfect girly catch up! If you would like to visit Paige yourself at the Legally Blonde salon in Salisbury, use code HAIRGOALS10 to get £10 off any service with Paige. 

I was provided with a complimentary blow dry and goody bag, however all words and images are my own. 

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