Our Autumn Family Routine

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Sundays are fast becoming my favourite day of the week. When I used to work in hotels, I remember hating Sundays as it meant that I would be back at work the next day, and I got really worked up and anxious about it. Now that I enjoy my job, I no longer have this issue, and I can relax and enjoy the last day of the weekend rather than feeling stressed.

Sundays for our family are all about chilling out in the morning, with a walk outside in the afternoon and a meal together in the evening, before a film and an early night for the kids and a proper pamper for me. I think it works well for us as we are usually so busy and on the go during the week and on a Saturday, that it is nice to just take it slow on a Sunday.

Living in Bournemouth, we are fortunate to have so many lovely places to walk around us all within a short distance. We generally try and mix it up and explore new places so that the kids don’t get bored, whether that’s along the coastline or in the New Forest. Last week we went to Langton Matravers for the first time and I loved trampling through the mud to reach the beautiful view of Dancing Ledge, and this week we headed to the local woods for a sunset walk through the autumnal foliage – it was beautiful.

Although we are quite happy to allow the children to watch TV or play on their Amazon Fire Tablet or games at the weekend, getting outside and going for a proper walk on Sundays helps balance this out, and it helps my mental health to get fresh air and a change of atmosphere too.

As the weather gets colder we will still head outside, making sure to bundle up, and getting back home in the warm will be the perfect cosy end to the weekends as Christmas approaches.

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How do you spend your Sundays? Do you go for walks with your family? 

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