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With three children, eating out can be costly, and it is something we don’t do that often for this reason. Midweek meals especially, are reserved usually for special occasions only, birthdays, anniversaries etc. BigDish recently got in touch asking whether I would like to try out the app and have a meal on them in the local area. No brainer, right?

Being totally honest, I hadn’t heard of the app beforehand, so I went straight to the App Store to download it (the app is 100% free on both Google Play and the App Store). BigDish is a discount meal app, which provides you up to 50% off your restaurant food bill quickly and easily in the following areas of the country – Basingstoke, Bath, Bournemouth, Brighton. Bristol, Exeter, London, Southampton, Swindon and Taunton.

All you need to do is download the app, search for restaurants in your area, pick the date, time and group size and the app will do the rest to find you the best deals.

When I searched in the Bournemouth area I was really impressed with how many restaurants there were to choose from. I liked that you could easily see when the best deals were available on the app as well, meaning if you are flexible on the date/time/restaurant you want to go to you can go for the biggest saving, which is generally our biggest concern.

If you are looking for a particular cuisine, you can filter results in the app to suit your group’s preferences. We were torn between what to go for but in the end we decided on the Southern America Rancho Steakhouse along Poole Quay.

It was a good choice, the food was totally yummy and the restaurant wasn’t too full on a Tuesday evening, which meant we were able to fully appreciate the food, drink and atmosphere.

I will definitely be checking out the BigDish app next time we are looking to book a meal, as it is brilliant for dining out on a budget!

I was provided with a complimentary meal at Rancho Steakhouse, however all words and images are my own. 

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