3 Fuss Free Ways to Spruce Up Your Back Garden

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I have mentioned before, I am not great when it comes to gardening. I have not inherited my mum’s green fingers, and I try and avoid doing anything too difficult or fiddly in our garden in case I mess it up. I do, however, enjoy spending lots of time in our back garden, especially during the summer, and I like to have a nice space to relax in when we have friends over for a barbecue or party. I’ve put together three fuss free ways to spruce up your back garden to make it that haven to come home to.

Consider Grass Alternatives

The bane of my life is the grass in our back garden. Half of the garden has decking, and this is so much easier to maintain. Opting for alternatives such as artificial grass saves the hassle of cutting the lawn – cleaning artificial grass is much simpler. Artificial grass also looks good year round, whereas a natural lawn can become dry and brown in periods of hot weather.

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Opt for Potted Plants

Flowers and plants can really brighten up a garden space. Choosing to plant them in individual pots rather than in the ground makes caring for them much simpler, allows you to change them around with ease when you want, and will save hassle if you decide to move house. You can get plant pots in so many different designs these days, to suit any style of garden.

Solar Lighting

Host lots of garden parties? I love having friends and family over for a barbecue in the summer but having lighting in the back garden allows you to continue the fun into the autumn. You can pick up solar powered lighting at affordable prices, and there is no need to install anything, many products can simply be put directly into the ground or strung up.

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These simple but effective methods can help to create a back garden you will be proud to show off to friends at your next garden party.

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