Fame the Musical Comes to Bournemouth Pavilion

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I have loved the song Fame ever since I was a young girl, when I performed it as a large group for the stage school I belonged to. Something about the lyrics, the emotion in the words, never fails to have me tapping my feet and humming along when I hear it playing. I was so excited to be given press tickets for Fame the Musical at Bournemouth Pavilion. The show is touring around the country, celebrating 30 years of the production, and seriously, if you have a chance, go and see it – it was incredible!

The talent on the stage was jaw-dropping. I knew that Jorgie Porter was in the show, but I didn’t realise how talented a dancer she was, having only really seen her before when she was in Hollyoaks (I didn’t catch her in Dancing on Ice).

The ballet performances had me wishing I had never given it up, and it wasn’t just Jorgie that had me envious of their skills.

The actress who plays Carmen Diez, Stephanie Rojas, was phenomenal in her role and her singing and dancing were flawless. I had goosebumps when she sang.

Mica Paris, who plays Miss Sherman had an incredible voice. Her performance of These are My Children was amazing, and she really brought to life the character.

I did find it a little odd, much like in popular film Grease, that the cast were quite a bit older than the characters they were portraying, but you can let that slide when you take into account the huge amount of energy and chemistry between the actors on stage, by the end of the show they had the audience up on their feet dancing and singing along.

The set was fantastic, and I loved how everybody got involved with moving it around without things feeling odd or clunky, the whole performance flowed really well and gave the impression of a busy performing arts school in the eighties. The dance numbers were all so well choreographed, and I loved the use of the set in some of these, especially when the cast were incorporating their desks into the dance during Dancin’ on the Sidewalk.

The storyline is heartfelt, and will have you invested, rooting for the individual characters as they come across inner turmoils that threaten to put an end to their time at New York’s High School for the Performing Arts. Although, for once, I knew what was going to happen in the end, I still felt emotional by the time the last few scenes came around.

I absolutely loved the performance, and highly recommend going along to a show whilst it is still on in Bournemouth – tickets are available online or at the box office (or when it comes to you, for those readers who are not local). A talented cast and a bittersweet storyline make Fame a show not to miss!

Tickets were gifted by BH Live, all words are my own. Press images kindly provided by BH Live.

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