Why Bournemouth is So Good for Hen Parties of All Types (and Not Just Loud Ones)

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With a range of fun activities, a great nightlife, and a plethora of dining options, it should come as no surprise to anyone who has visited it that Bournemouth was recently named as one of the UK’s most popular destinations for hen parties. This town on the UK’s south coast has been building up a solid reputation as a fantastic place for a ‘staycation’ – and has a range of features that makes it perfect for hen parties celebrating shortly before a wedding. 

However, it is also true that Bournemouth is known somewhat as a place to go for partying. But of course, not all hen parties are raucous, and there are many different ways to organise this kind of event. But what you may not realise is that Bournemouth is great for all kinds of hen do – whether you are looking for a debaucherous night of partying, a relaxed weekend away, or something in between.

In this article, we will take a look at what makes Bournemouth such a great location for all forms of hen do – not just the loud ones.

A Haven for Water Sports 

It could be the case that you are looking for a hen do with some really fun outdoor activities, and Bournemouth can be perfect for this. It has developed a reputation for being one of the best places in the UK for water sports. The inflatable Aqua Park is one of the most popular options for a hen party.

Bournemouth also has a range of options including everything from water skiing to wakeboarding which could be perfect if you’re interested in something adventurous. 

A Range of Great Things to Do

If the water doesn’t appeal that’s not a problem, there are plenty of other options for things to do that the whole group will love. Bournemouth is famous for having a huge range of activities that are ideal for groups to enjoy. This includes everything from escape rooms and quad biking trails to cocktail making classes and life drawing.

One of the challenges with hen parties is finding something that will be fun for everyone. In Bournemouth there are activities to suit anyone, making it easy if you’ve been tasked with organising the event. 

Fun Nightlife

No hen party would be complete without some sort of night out, and Bournemouth has the perfect scene for it. This is a university town with an abundance of students, meaning there are plenty of fun and interesting places to visit, including Cameo, the largest club in the city, as well as a fine selection of cocktail bars and friendly pubs. 

Bournemouth definitely has a reputation as somewhere to go if you’re looking for a great time in the evening (and into the early hours). Of course, if you’re looking for quality over quantity, the city has some elegant and stylish bars that make for a very memorable night out. 

Lovely Beaches

If you are arranging your hen party for the summer, then Bournemouth is even more of an attraction because you can look forward to visiting the seven mile stretch of sand on the shorefront. Bournemouth’s beaches are truly beautiful, and if you are looking for somewhere with things to do, as well as a lovely place to relax and sunbathe, this is a great option. 

The sprawling size of beach ensures that it never gets too crowded, and if you want to find a secluded spot for a more relaxed day it’s very easy to do.

Shopping and Dining

Don’t forget that the city is also a haven for shoppers too. If you are looking to get a little retail therapy in as a part of the hen party, Bournemouth has everything from large shopping centres and designer boutiques to small independent shops offering unique products.

The dining options on offer here are second-to-none as well. Once again, you can choose from everything from well-known chain brands to local Bournemouth restaurants. Just about every world cuisine is represented here, so if you’ve got a hen party full of foodies, you’ll be able to find anything they are looking for. 

Add a Little Culture

If you want to add some culture to your hen do, Bournemouth even has this covered. The Russell-Cotes Art Gallery is well-known, and well worth visiting. And if the party is in the mood to learn something new, there are fantastic museums including the Bournemouth Natural Science Society and the Aviation Museum.

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