Wedding Wednesday – Update on Our Wedding Plans

I can’t remember the last time I properly posted about our own wedding, the main one, the one abroad, as opposed to our UK celebration back home. We booked it way back in February, just before we found out we were expecting little baby Benjamin, and since then I’ve not really thought about it as much as I would have if I hadn’t of had pregnancy and baby stuff keeping me occupied. As it’s abroad, and we have booked through a travel company, there isn’t actually much I should have done so far, other that what we have, so I’m not too worried. I think once we welcome in the new year, it will all suddenly seem a lot closer and I’ll get back into crazy wedding planner mode. For the next 6 weeks I can carry on being laid back (very unlike me). So, what have we done so far?

Booked the Wedding 

After not being sure who to book with, the decision was kind of taken out of our hands when I won part of the wedding with Perfect Weddings Abroad. We were originally planning on marrying in June 2018 but as the prize had to be taken by October 2017, we instead went with 2nd September 2017 for our big day. 

Invited our Closest Friends and Family 

The hardest part of getting married abroad is not being able to invite everyone, and for some people to not be able to make it. I’ve been most gutted that my cousin and one of my best friends aren’t going to be there on our big day. 

Chosen our Bridal Party 

Early on we asked those we wanted as our bridesmaids, flower girls and best man. Our three children will be involved on the day as I believe it’s important for them to feel involved. 

Booked the Flights and Accommodation 

We booked as soon as flights were released. We are flying out at the end of August, for the wedding on the Saturday. It’s going to be pretty hot, but having not been somewhere sunny since September 2015, I am more than ready for the sun! We had to book a flight for Benjamin without even knowing if he was a boy or a girl which was quite amusing. 

Decided on a Theme/Colour Scheme 

Our theme is forget me not, with cornflower blue and coral to accent. I think these colours work really well with the stunning backdrop of Santorini which is very bright blue and white. 

Bought the Wedding Favours 

After deciding on the theme I bought forget me not pins from the Alzheimer’s charity. They hold special meaning whilst also being something small and simple to fly across to the island.

Discussed the Wedding Cake & Flowers 

Final details won’t be sorted with the company until nearer the time but I am a perfectionist and I really wanted certain cake and flowers for our big day. Luckily the cake is feasible, for a small extra fee, but the flowers are not going to be possible as they don’t grow during the summer on the island. I’m looking into taking some fake flowers out there with us as I really wanted forget me nots. 

Agreed on Timings of the Day 

Although I hated the idea of a late wedding to start with (I was looking at it like a UK Wedding), I’ve since realised that with the heat being so intense in the daytime, we needed to listen to the planner out there and we have booked our ceremony for 6pm, with food and dancing and the free bar (included in our package, woo) to follow.

Started Plans for the Day of the Wedding 

As we are getting married so late in the day, I want to make the most of the daytime. I’m planning a big breakfast followed by a spa day at the hotel before getting hair and makeup done and photos whilst there’s still sun… 

Saved, Saved, Saved! 

Over the past 10 months we have saved every penny possible. My income whilst I was working pretty much went entirely on the Wedding fund and so, by the year to go mark we had managed to save the money we needed. 

Bought our Wedding Rings

I bought my ring back in summer. Ed was a bit more particular with what he wanted from his ring so we shopped around and spoke to people at wedding Fayres before finally settling on a company who have now custom made his ring with the engraving design he wanted. 

Planned our Hen and Stag Celebrations

Obviously our respective maid of honour and best man have had some input but Ed and I both like to have some control over plans. Ed is going abroad for his stag in February whereas although I would have loved a trip to Disneyland Paris for my hen, it just isn’t really feasible so I’m going for a girly weekend in Bath for mine in April. 

So what’s next? Well, once we get into 2017 it will be full steam ahead. I will be trying harder to get my pre baby body back ready for wedding dress shopping in March. Once I have my dress, I’ll be on the lookout for bridesmaid and flower girl dresses to compliment it and Ed will find outfits for him and his best man and the boys to wear. 

We’ll have our Hen and Stag celebrations and continue saving for spending money for whilst we are in Santorini. We are due to make the final payments in May and from that point on all the final details will be settled with our Greek wedding planner. 

We also need to sort all the legal paperwork this end in the final couple of months and then it’s just a case of flying out there and making it official- I can’t wait! 


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  1. Kirsty Dee

    I’m so gutted I can’t come either 🙁 if I could sneak into your suitcase I would hehe! xx


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