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I am a strong believer that becoming a parent shouldn’t mean you are no longer able to travel where you want. Having said this, Ed and I haven’t actually explored many countries with the children as of yet.

Last year we headed on our first cruise as a family, and got to visit Germany, France and the Norwegian Fjords, which was amazing. I’m not sure whether we will make it abroad this year, but these are the places I want to visit with the kids in the future.


I have never been to Italy before, but it has been on my list for awhile. Cameron actually went last summer with my mum for my aunt’s 50th birthday and I was so jealous when I saw the photos. I would love to stay at a villa, visit some vineyards and explore the Amalfi Coast.


As I mentioned, we went to Germany for the day during our cruise last summer but it was so hot we didn’t actually explore much of Hamburg and I know Ed would like us to go back as he has spent some time in Germany. Top of his list is Berlin, closely followed by Hanover.

South of France

Although I have been to Paris and Disneyland many times, I haven’t been to the South of France before and it is somewhere that Ed and I would like to visit with the children whilst they are still young. As well as its beaches, this area has so much to do for children, and it sounds like a lovely place to explore with a short travel time.


I have been to Disneyworld once before, when I was twelve years old. I don’t remember it much, but I know that it was a magical trip and somewhere I would love to take the children when they are slightly older and would appreciate it a little more. They really enjoyed Disneyland Paris at New Year, so I think this is definitely on the bucket list for sometime in the next few years.

New York

I’d love to go to New York but the fact that I am not keen on London, as it feels claustrophobic, puts me off a little. I think going with the children around Christmas time would be good, as we could take it at a slower pace and share the experience with them. I need to look into this one a bit more before making a decision.


I have family living on Vancouver Island, Canada and I have visited three times, the last time when I was pregnant with Cameron. It is somewhere I would love to take the children as it is such a beautiful place. We love going for walks in the New Forest and I hope to one day explore the Canadian landscape with them.

Have you travelled abroad with children? Where would you recommend we visit? 

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