How to Maximise Space in Your Bathroom

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Our bathroom is pretty small. It has a toilet, bath and towel rail, and has fitted shelving, so during bath time for the kids, it can get a little bit cramped! When we buy somewhere, the first thing I will be looking for is a nice big bathroom, but it is possible to maximise the space you are working with and a few small changes can make all the difference in cramped quarters.

Change from Bath to Shower

I do love a good bath, but it can take up so much space. A shower can free things up, and there are lots of fun options when it comes to features in a shower. If you are really tight for space, a curved shower enclosure works with the existing corners in your bathroom and can really create the illusion of a bigger space.

Add Mirrors

The best tip I ever heard about making a space appear bigger was to add mirrors. Mirrors reflect the light, thus creating the appearance of a bigger area. Add a couple of mirrors or mirrored glass prints to show your personality and expand the room. Get creative, mirrors don’t need to take up a lot of space on the walls themselves. Why not look into mirrored self-adhesive shower stickers? Or a wall mounted vanity mirror, which can be positioned to your liking?

A Change of Colour

Darker, warmer colours like brown, grey and royal blue can make spaces look smaller and more cramped. Light, pastel shades are better if you are looking to create the illusion of more space. This is again, in part, to do with light colours being reflective, but if you paint your wall trims a lighter colour to the walls themselves, you can also make walls look further back, which also makes a room look bigger. Why stop at the walls? Light coloured flooring also works wonders to revamp a bathroom.

Natural Light

As much as a candlelit bath sounds appealing after a long and stressful day, natural light is actually much better for your mental health and can also help when it comes to getting a better night’s sleep. Bathrooms with lots of natural light will automatically look larger, more spacious and more inviting than a poorly lit area. Consider a sky light or changing frosted to plain glass, to improve the lighting and enhance the look and visual quality of your bathroom. Having a big window also has the added bonus of being able to let air in from time to time, meaning better ventilation, less chance of damp and mildew forming and an improved airflow, which will benefit the whole family.

Minimalistic Decor

I am awful at filling our bathroom with absolutely every product under the sun. I don’t want to think about how many beauty items are currently stored in our shelving unit, but it is a lot. Add this to the myriad of shampoos and conditioners cluttering the side of the bath, and the cleaning products ready and waiting behind the sink for the next big clean and you can see why space is lacking in our bathroom. Anything that isn’t necessary can be moved to declutter and create a clean, fresh space. Cleaning products can go under the main kitchen sink, shampoo and conditioners can be put away until they are being used and a quick sort out can help you put some beauty items in the bedroom or another storage space unless regularly in use.

This is a paid post / ad with Bathing Solutions, however all words are my own. 

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