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Having my hair cut and coloured is a total luxury. As well as providing a transformation to my appearance, it is also a rare chance to get some time to myself, away from being ‘mum’ for just a few hours. For this reason, I see a hair appointment as an investment in myself and an act of self care. I have been to salons before where the atmosphere has felt rushed and chaotic but I knew from the minute I walked in to the Simone Thomas salon in Westbourne for my initial patch test that this wasn’t the case there.

The venue is located in the middle of the high street in Westbourne, across the road from a lovely little bookshop my mum knows the owner of, but I hadn’t actually been to the salon before. The salon interior is gorgeous, with pretty fairy lights twinkling away, providing the loveliest atmosphere. My patch test was quick and simple, and just over a week later I returned for my appointment on a grey, rainy Friday afternoon.

Greeted by Simone herself, I was introduced to my stylist Paula, and offered a drink. Unlike other salons, where the choice is generally limited to a tea or coffee, juice or water, the team at Simone Thomas have gone above and beyond to offer a huge selection of hot, cold and even alcoholic beverages to choose from. As it was a Friday afternoon and I wasn’t driving, I happily accepted the offer of a glass of wine, which was brought to me and placed alongside two gorgeous macaroons, which almost looked too good to eat (but I managed one, it would be rude not to).

Comfortably seated, with my wine close at hand, Paula got down to business and asked whether I had any ideas about my colour and cut. I am a creature of habit when it comes to my hair colour, and instead of anything too drastic, I wanted to just brighten the blonde up a little. I had come equipped with a few images of Julianne Hough, who a quick Pinterest search the night before had brought up when looking for blonde hairstyles. I liked the length and style of her hair in the picture as well, so we decided to work on this as a guide.

Paula was really friendly and I soon felt totally at ease, chatting about anything and everything throughout the appointment.

I had a full head of highlights, which required around half an hour under a heat lamp and Paula was quick to offer magazines and another drink if I needed one. I was also offered a myriad of snacks including popcorn and sweets – I could definitely get used to this level of service, the team make you feel totally at home, with nothing too much trouble.

After my colour was finished, I was led over to the sinks to have it rinsed off and a toner applied. Again, unlike some salons I have been to, the hair wash was anything but rushed. I felt totally pampered as the Olaplex process was explained to me.

Olaplex has been highlighted (no pun intended) by the Kardashians, who are often having their hair dark and light in quick succession and need to take care to not damage the hair. Olaplex is brilliant as it repairs and replenishes whilst also protecting hair, working right at the bond of the hair rather than just the surface.

Back in the chair, Paula cut my hair as we had previously agreed and I was then introduced to another lovely girl who would be doing my blow dry and style.

I was really happy with the finished look. My hair was brighter, fresher and looked a lot healthier.

I was provided with a lovely gift bag with the Olaplex 3rd step and Wow products inside and Paula explained that proper aftercare would help extend the colour for longer. Simone Thomas also offer a toner top-up, with a complimentary blow dry for just £20, which is really reasonable.

I left the salon feeling totally pampered, relaxed and generally amazing. My hair looked lovely and the finish has lasted beyond the initial salon visit, which I am sure is thanks to the Olaplex and Wow Dream Coat, which I have been using when I wash my hair.

I would definitely recommend a visit to the Simone Thomas salon. They are a hair loss specialist, which means that they know their stuff when it comes to caring for your hair. Simone and her team are the loveliest people I have come across in the industry (and that’s a fair few people as somebody who has had their coloured since they were in their teens).

I was provided with a complimentary cut and colour in exchange for a review of the service I received. All words and images are my own. 

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