My 5 Favourite Apps on iPhone

I am the first to admit that I am a little reliant on my phone. Working on social media accounts, I am quite often found phone in hand. These are 5 of my current favourite apps on my iPhone.


Love it or hate it, Instagram seems to be the most used social media platform currently and I upload daily alongside several stories. I find it the easiest app to dip in and out of and I usually use Repost and Preview alongside the official app itself.

1 Second Every Day

I am a huge fan of this app, which allows you to upload a one second long clip everyday for as long as you want to (my aim is for a full year, so by the end of 2019 I have something amazing to look back on). The app is great as it provides you automatically with all the video, live image capture and still images you have taken on a certain day, for you to choose from even if you have missed a day and need to go back. I shared my January month of clips recently, and loved being able to watch the month back.

O2 Priority

As an O2 customer, I love the O2 Priority app, which Ed told me about just after I switched from EE. The app is easy to navigate, has exclusive offers and discounts, including lots of freebies with WH Smiths in the lead up to Christmas (I got 2 boxes of Christmas cards, some Sharpe metallic pens, chocolate coins and a chocolate orange in the space of a few weeks using the app). They also host giveaways and I managed to win one for tickets to a preview immersive screening of How To Train Your Dragon 2 with a stay at the Hilton in London, which my mum used with my aunt and the boys as Ed and I were already away that weekend. Well worth downloading the app and signing up, if you are on O2.


Since going self-employed last January, I have found the PayPal app a really useful one to have. I get a little alert pop up every time anybody pays me, and I can instantly sign in and withdraw the money to my bank account at the touch of a button. I am not a huge fan of PayPal as I don’t agree with the fees, more specifically why it is those receiving the money that pay them, but a lot of businesses insist on making the payment this way, so it’s useful to have.

Pic Collage

I used to use a collage app but found it a little restrictive in what I could do with it. I downloaded the Pic Collage app sometime last year and really like how simple it is to use and the fact that it allows you to move images around and display them how you want, rather than having to stick to a set template. If templates are your thing, however, there are a few different ones included in the free app, including themed valentines ones recently. I tend to use these for my Instagram stories, if I want to include more than one image at a time.

Are there any apps available for iPhone you would recommend? Anything you can’t live without? 

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