My Winter Evening Skincare Regime

At this time of the year it is more important than ever to take care of your skin. I am awful at properly moisturising and it took me a long time to listen to others and add to my skincare regime in the evening. I used to rely on a makeup wipe to clean my face at the end of every day but now I have a variety of products which help to combat dry winter skin and leave me feeling fresh before bed. This is my winter evening skincare regime.

Remove Makeup

I remove my makeup with Garnier Miscellar Water religiously every evening, even if I have been out in the evening. I hate the feeling of going to bed with makeup on and I usually take it off as soon as I get into bed, before a Netflix marathon with Ed, so that if I end up falling asleep by accident, I will at least have taken my makeup off. I use double sided cotton pads as I find they work much better than normal ones. I have found the best quality ones to be Wilko’s, and they are only 50p a pack – bonus!


After removing my makeup, I cleanse with Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean foam cleanser. I find so many facial cleansers, especially those you use with water, leave my skin feeling irritated but this one just gives my skin a really deep clean and I feel so fresh after using it. It does leave my skin feeling a little tight at times, depending on how much of the product I have used, but I loved it so much I asked Ed to get me more at Christmas. Total game changer.

Face Mask

I got a set of miniature Origins face masks for Christmas and I love them! The GinZing peel off mask is a favourite of mine, but they also have others including the out of trouble 10 minute mask for problem skin – perfect on days I seem to have reverted back to being a teenager and need a pick me up!

Overnight Mask

Before I head off to sleep, I have started using the overnight mask from J.One as it leaves my skin super soft by morning and feels like it is really working overnight. My skin always looks noticeably brighter when I used this, and it has become my go-to moisturiser before bed.

Sleep Aids

I have had trouble sleeping over the past few months due to anxiety, but I have added in a few sprays of rescue remedy night on my tongue and Feather & Down pillow spray to my pillow, as well as lighting a scented candle like the 1102 Chocolate Orange, before closing my eyes and I find it really helps to send me off.

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