Alternative Heating Systems: Different Options For Keeping Your Home Cosy In Winter

What are the options for alternative heating systems? 

We all feel the wrath of the cold. On our way to work, doing the school run, even just nipping to the shops. 

Yet every year we somehow seem shocked at how absolutely freezing it can get in England in the winter months.

Dealing with the cold when we’re out and about is unavoidable, but there is nothing worse than coming home to a chilly house as well. 

Most houses across the UK will have a gas boiler installed simply because everyone else does and it’s ‘easy’. But actually, in today’s society, there are so many more options for alternative heating systems which could save us a lot of money and cause less damage to the environment at the same time. 

Heating oil

If you live in a city centre and have limited space, this might not be a feasible option. But if you live more rurally, why not have an oil central heating system installed. Rix specialise in installing oil boilers and supplying high-quality heating oil. They are a great example of why trying alternative heating systems is a great idea as they support you throughout the whole process. From delivering and installing the boiler, to providing regular oil boiler servicing to ensure your system is in tip-top shape and your house stays toasty warm. 

Heating oil is a great alternative to gas central heating as it gives off significantly more heat per unit. This will help to keep those annoying household bills down and put your mind at ease. 

Heat pumps

The second of the alternative heating systems available to homeowners in the UK is heat pumps. You might not have heard about this home heating method but it is a great one! 

Heat pumps work using a bit of electricity to take cold air from one place and pump it out as hot air where it is needed in your home. What’s more, heat pump alternative heating systems are highly efficient and produce absolutely no greenhouse gases. Seems like a win-win, right? 

The only negative of some of the more efficient alternative heating systems is that they are slightly more pricey to install. But if you weigh it up with the money you could save on bills it makes it worth it. 

Solar panels

Solar panels are appearing on more and more roofs across the UK, and rightly so. They offer a completely natural solution to keeping your house warm. Solar-powered alternative heating systems absorb the sun’s rays (the few that we get here in England), which heats up a liquid that then pumps around the house to warm it up. 

Unfortunately, as we live in England, solar-powered central heating cannot be used on it’s own – there simply isn’t enough sun! However, if you can afford to have solar panels installed it is well worth the investment as it can save you tons of money in the long run when used in conjunction with another heating system. 

So there we have it, three alternative heating systems that you might not have known existed but are actually a lot more accessible than you think. If your gas boiler is reaching the end of it’s days and/or your bills are shooting through the roof this winter, now is probably a good time to have a look into an alternative. 

This is a collaborative guest post. 

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