5 Reasons Why Popcorn Shed is My New Favourite Snack

Yes, I know, January is meant to be all about jumping back on the health wagon and limiting carbs and calories in a bid to get that elusive bikini body for the summer but this year I am avoiding that. Sure, I am making healthier choices, eating a few less cakes and a few more vegetables but generally speaking I follow the mindset of a little of what you fancy won’t do any harm.

Just before Christmas I was sent across some snacks from Popcorn Shed, which I have very much enjoyed munching my way through with Ed, my mum and the children over the past week or so. I hadn’t actually tried the brand before so was pleasantly surprised to find I not only liked the popcorn but absolutely loved it. Here are the 5 reasons why Popcorn Shed is my new favourite snack.

They’re Totally Tasty 

I am not usually a big fan of popcorn. I find most varieties to be a bit too dry and, apart from the odd kernel, generally lacking in flavour. Popcorn Shed is completely different to other popcorns I have tried in the past.

Each bag is full to the brim of delicious popcorn which tastes great and has just the right level of crunch without being dry. I will admit that finding words to describe food isn’t my strongest point but honestly, if you haven’t already, you need to try this popcorn out.

They are Made with Natural Ingredients 

As a mum of three, one of the biggest issues I have when trying to find snacks suitable for the children as well as us is the risk of a whole bunch of additives being thrown in to make the food taste nicer. I was really happy to see that Popcorn Shed popcorn is made with all natural ingredients, without an E number in sight, so I can share with the children whilst watching a movie without having to worry.

They Come in a Huge Range of Flavours 

This is one of my absolute favourite things about the brand. Most brands have sweet, salty, a mixture of the two and toffee popcorn varieties on offer. Popcorn Shed have thought outside the box and come up with a range of tantilising flavours with something for everyone.

I think Salted Caramel tops the charts for me, but my mum is a big fan of the pecan and chocolate flavours and the more savoury cheese option is right up Ed’s street.

They are Gluten Free 

My sister has coeliacs disease, which means she can’t eat gluten. I was very excited to let her know that Popcorn Shed popcorn is gluten free, meaning she can enjoy these tasty treats as well! The popcorn is also suitable for vegetarians.

The Packaging is Absolutely Adorable 

Can we just talk about the totally cute on-brand packaging for a moment? I absolutely love the little sheds that the popcorn comes in – so adorable and perfect for a gift or special treat. Yes, the price is a little higher than other options out there but for the chic packaging, totally moreish flavours and superior texture, I think Popcorn Shed is worth it!

I was gifted items from Popcorn Shed however all opinions and images are my own. 

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