Beauty – Are Primark Nails Worthy of the Hype?

I have a confession to make, one that probably isn’t surprising for anybody who watches my instagram stories and often sees the state of my nails on a daily basis. I am a nail biter.

I try really hard not to bite them, but when I get stressed out (which seems to be all the time lately) I resort to biting them and, as a result, my nails are very short and don’t look great.

I have had acrylics in the past but I didn’t like the damage to my natural nails and I don’t actually like the overall look of acrylics. I am a big fan of shellac, but it is costly and doesn’t make my nails any longer, simply acting as a deterrent for me biting them when I have treated myself to a gel manicure.

I have heard so many bloggers raving about the false nails from Primark lately. I never would have thought of Primark as the place to go for good fake nails but I was curious to find out if they were worthy of the hype.

Priced at around £1-£3 per pack, they definitely won’t break the bank so I stocked up on a few designs I loved the look of and have been trying a couple of them out this week.

First up were the rather dark red velvet nails, in the squareletto shape and with a matte finish. These were just £1 and I loved how they looked in the packet, with a lovely ombré look to them. Application was easier than I imagined, although I did struggle to get into the glue to begin with, eventually having to cut it several times! A total fake nail virgin, I didn’t trim the nails before applying, and I found them very long and very odd to wear.

I wasn’t actually keen on the colour of the nails once applied. They looked a lot darker than they did in the packet, and the ombré finish wasn’t noticeable. As they were so long and dark, I felt they looked more like a Halloween costume and I really wasn’t sure about wearing them.

I did like that there were lots of different sizes of nails in the set, meaning you could find the right ones for you and have extras left over to replace lost ones or to wear on another occasion.

I had applied the nails over the top of existing nail varnish, which wasn’t ideal and I think led to them coming off quite quickly and easily that evening.

Having said this, I also found the glue to be awful. The nails kept coming off, even when I barely did anything. I couldn’t go to the toilet or even move items of clothing or hold onto something without a nail pinging off. After a few hours I had already lost four!

I reapplied the nails but they kept coming off. When I mentioned my frustrations on Instagram stories, Emma suggested I buy the Elegant Touch glue and to cut the nails down to make them more manageable and natural.

I removed the purple ones and applied the Bronze set (these were also £1, reduced in the sale), taking Emma’s advice and trimming the nails down a little before applying them with the other glue.

Again, I wasn’t keen once applied. Even though I had cut these down a little, they still seemed much too long, too pointy and just not nice. I felt like I was trying to channel Lady Gaga and not in a good way…

This set only had 4 of the coloured nails, meaning you couldn’t choose the right size for your nail and if you lost one, you were a bit screwed.

Although they lasted better than the first pair, I still managed to have some nails come off. I was driving and one flew off when I moved the steering wheel. I wasn’t impressed. After several came off on one hand I decided to just give up.

Once removed, my natural nails were in such a bad condition. The nail glue was stuck to the nail and the rest were all brittle and flakey. I think it’s safe to say I’m not a fan!

As my nails were in such bad shape and as I hadn’t really found wearing the nails very practical, especially around the children and when writing on my laptop (difficult), I decided to leave the remaining two sets for events when I could wear them briefly and remove quickly at the end of the evening.

I think it’s quite obvious from this post that I wasn’t won over by the false nails from Primark. The glue is not strong enough and the designs I tried were not very flattering or natural enough for me to persevere with them any longer. I’m sure that for some people, perhaps who are used to having long nails or acrylics, these nails are a cheap and cheerful alternative to more expensive brands, but for me they were not worth the hassle.

Like I say, I’ll probably wear the remaining sets for events in the future, and I might buy another set if I see one I absolutely love, but I’m not a convert and I personally think it’s probably worth saving up for higher quality nails.

Have you tried the false nails from Primark? What did you think?

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2 thoughts on “Beauty – Are Primark Nails Worthy of the Hype?

  1. AK Cunningham

    I am not keen on the Primark nails and whatever glue I use it always leaves my nails awful so I am now always buying the stick on nails from kiss gel fantasy in super drug or boots. I choose the petit short ones because they look more natural! I am off to a family wedding tomorrow and got some black with glittery navy tips to wear. They are a bit pricier at 6.99 but the shops mostly have 3for2 offers on.


    1. Emma

      Ahh thanks for the recommendation! I think you’re right, it’s the glue that’s destroying the nail isn’t it xx


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