Foodie Friday – Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas for Freelancers

I wasn’t entirely sure about the title for this post. I don’t think you have to be a freelancer to enjoy the lunch ideas I am sharing, but equally I think you do need to either work from home, or work somewhere with access to cooking facilities in order to create the lunches so I figured I would stick with it…

I am by no means at all a good chef, I am awful at cooking and wasn’t planning on sharing a post on what I eat for lunch as it really is so simple, but I have had a few people ask me to after seeing me banging on about my halloumi and rice creation over on my Instagram stories so I thought what the hell.

Here are my two go-to lunch ideas for when I am working at home and want something mildly healthy, quick to prepare and filling…

Halloumi & Rice

This is my absolute favourite dish at the moment. There doesn’t seem to be a day go by that I am not grabbing the halloumi, pepper and cherry tomatoes from the fridge, adding in a red onion and some rice and whacking it all together with some Nando’s sauce and a dollop of fresh salsa for a yummy bowl of goodness.

Although healthier than a cheese toastie or something from Greggs, the sheer amount of Halloumi I get through in a week is probably not that good for me. I would advise sticking to having this only once or twice a week as a nice treat…

You Will Need: 

Halloumi (I generally use around 1/4 of a block per serving)

Cherry Tomatoes (I use a handful, chopped in half)

1 Red or Yellow Pepper (cut into strips)

1 small red onion (chopped)

Microwave Spicy Mexican Rice (I use Sainsbury’s own brand and use 1/2 a pack for me)

A generous splash of Nando’s garlic sauce

A generous dollop of Tomato Salsa (I use Sainsbury’s own brand and prefer the fresh variety)

What to Do: 

Chop the ingredients that need chopping up

Add the cherry tomatoes, pepper, onion and halloumi to a frying pan and stir fry on a medium heat until browned

Heat the rice in the microwave

Add the Nando’s sauce to the ingredients and then add on top of the rice

Serve with the fresh salsa on top

Soup & Seeded Pitta 

This one doesn’t even need any explanation really. I am a cheat when it comes to soup and cannot be bothered to be faffing around making it fresh (although I’m sure it would taste even nicer if I made the effort).

I am experimenting with soups at the moment but I do tend to like smooth varieties and this Carrot and Coriander one from Sainsbury’s is a firm favourite for the colder autumn days when you need warming up.

You Will Need:

A carton of fresh soup (I use 1/2 a carton of Sainsbury’s own brand Carrot & Coriander)

2 pitta breads (I use Sainsbury’s own brand seeded)

What To Do: 

Really simple, pour the soup into a heatproof bowl (if not eating the whole carton in one sitting) and microwave

Toast pitta bread and add to the soup to serve

Et Voila

See, told you they were simple…. next stop Master Chef!

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