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This week’s Behind the Bride is with Emma from Emma Reed.

Hi Emma! First of all, congratulations on your marriage! When was the big day?

Thank you. We were married 19th May 2012

Tell me a bit about yourself and your partner. When and where did you first meet?

We actually went to the same secondary school but didn’t know one another because he was in the year below me. We properly met because of a mutual friend in a pub when I was 23 and he was 22. It turned out that he recognised me from school too! After this night we kept bumping into each other and eventually had a cheeky snog in the local club. He asked me out and we went on a lovely date to a restaurant and we just clicked.

How did they propose? Or was it you who popped the question?

He proposed on a beach at night on the island of Zante in 2011. It took him quite a few years but he got there eventually!

Tell me a bit about your big day. Where did you tie the knot? Did you have a theme or a colour scheme?

We decided to stick with the Greek theme and were married on the island of Rhodes. We chose this island due to restrictions on other islands and because we found an amazing British wedding planner who knew the area inside out.


We knew we wanted a beach wedding and that we wanted it to be relaxed, fun and without all of the normal traditions like a formal sit down meal and speeches. We were so lucky because we found a tiny beach area that had never been used before so we had to get special consent from the Mayor! We felt so privileged to be the first couple to ever get married there.


Our colour schemes tied in with the beach feel, so we had the bridesmaids in blue, we had fish bowls on the tables at the reception with stones and shells inside and stunning white lanterns.


The reception was held on another beach in a marquee. For the meal we had a Greek barbecue whilst a local guitarist played songs. We then released water laterns into the sea, had our first dance, fireworks and a disco with songs picked by us prior to the day.

What was your favourite memory from your day?

The fact that all of my closest friends and family made the trip out there to join us on our special day. I’ve always felt that a wedding is about celebrating love and shouldn’t be about showing off or outdoing your friends etc. We would have been happy with just the two of us there but the fact that around 30 people came just made the day feel even more special.


Was there anything that didn’t go to plan? Or that you would perhaps have done differently?

Oh, I think there is always something you would have done differently. The flowers for the men were meant to be dyed blue- they were cream Gerberas- but the florist sprayed them instead and it wasn’t the look I was after.

Do you have any advice for future brides to be?


Do the wedding you want. Yes, you may have fall outs with family if you choose to go abroad but the day is about you and your other half, nobody else. We had a wedding party once we returned to try and keep everyone happy but I will never forget what a wonderful day it was and I don’t think I would have had that if we had been married here.

Fantastic advice Emma. It really should be the wedding you want! If you would like to see more from Emma, you can visit her website or catch her on social media – Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

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