Wedding Wednesday – Our Santorini Wedding

Last weekend marked a whole five weeks since our wedding day. The past month has gone by in a blur of school runs and birthday celebrations and Santorini feels like a lifetime ago. 

I realised I never did write a proper post about the wedding, instead mentioning it in passing over several posts. I wanted to go into a bit more detail as I know I was fairly negative prior to flying out due to issues with our travel company and because, hey, it’s nice to reminisce! 

We flew out to Santorini on the Tuesday, four days before our wedding on the Saturday. We had 18 adult guests, four children and four babies with us in Santorini and it was truly lovely to have our closest friends and family there, but it was also quite stressful for me as I was trying to spend time with them all and I ended up getting worked up trying to spread myself too thinly. 

The day after we arrived in Santorini, we had a meeting with our wedding planner. I was dreading it as we had had issues prior to that point and it was all a little awkward. Unfortunately this continued and I fought back tears during the meeting as she was so blunt towards me and honestly I felt completely numb about the wedding by that point. She took away all my excitement for the wedding. 

Fortunately over the next couple of days I got this back. We went on an amazing boat trip around the caldera, visiting a volcano and some hot springs, and drinking copious amounts of sparkling wine on board. It was fantastic and just what I needed to relax and start enjoying our trip! 

We had a rehearsal style dinner the night before our wedding, which was an opportunity for our guests to get to know each other better, and we had some yummy food from the hotel buffet and plenty of wine before heading over to my dad’s apartment for a game of Mr & Mrs. Going to bed that night, it didn’t feel real that we would be getting married the next day. 

Our wedding wasn’t until 5.30pm due to the heat being too strong in the daytime, so we had a whole day ahead of us. I left Ed with the kids and had a quick bacon roll for breakfast before heading over to the hotel spa where we had exclusive use for the morning and I had a massage booked. I wrote a review post of my massage and the spa, it was so lovely and helped to relax me before getting ready. 

The downside to getting married late in the day was that the kids were in the pool right up until the last second. This meant I ended up having to wash Carly’s hair when I should have been in pamper mode! 

I had a bit of a panic when our makeup artist still hadn’t arrived an hour before we were due to leave for the ceremony, but generally I was laid back, even when I ended up having to get into my dress quicker than I planned, and rush across the the resort to get into our waiting car. 

Fortunately I had three brilliant bridesmaids who all helped me in their own way on the day. My maid of honour, my sister in law Becky, was truly incredible and I am so grateful for everything she did for me including giving me some amazing gifts whilst we were getting ready. 

We had decided to Facebook live our ceremony beforehand, but I also tested it out in the car on the way there with a little sneak peak of me, my dad and my girls. I was still really relaxed, despite the fact that due to a car not turning up some of the guests were not yet on their way from our hotel, and we were running late already. 

When we arrived we had to wait for a bit before the guests had turned up. Our videographer was so funny and had a little chat to myself and Becky whilst we waited. The heat really hit me when we stepped out of the air conditioned car. 

It was such a lovely day weather wise, we couldn’t have asked for any better. The sky was totally blue and there was a slight breeze, which helped keep me cool during the ceremony itself. 

Walking onto the terrace where we were getting married, I saw Ed holding back the tears and I had to stop myself from crying. Despite all the problems that had gone before, and the issues we had a little later in the day, the ceremony itself was perfect. It’s a cliche but it really was the happiest day of my life. 

After we had said our vows we had a glass of prosecco and our posed photos. Unfortunately due to the wedding planner rushing us along, we didn’t get all the photos we wanted, which was such a shame. I also didn’t get to finish my glass of prosecco (an absolute travesty). 

We were then shepherded along to the next venue (for those who didn’t read my planning posts, we were originally due to have the whole day in the same venue but they failed to tell us the reception would have been in their restaurant, inside a cave, and so we ended up having to change venue last minute). 

Luckily the second venue was only a short coach journey away and Ed and I used this journey to sit and talk as well as taking a cheeky wedding ring selfie (a relfie?) before we arrived at the reception venue. 

Our guests went ahead and we stayed back so that we could make our entrance. Zorba the Greek played and it was really lovely. I can still see my nan enthusiastically clapping along to the music! 

I tried to get the photos we hadn’t had taken at the ceremony venue, but in the end I got too stressed by it all and just wanted to relax and enjoy the prosecco and canapés (which were incredible, I spoke about our wedding food in a previous post). 

The evening flowed quite well, we had a couple of issues regarding the food and our wedding cake (it was meant to be a naked style cake but it ended up looking completely ridiculous as they didn’t decorate it at all!) but overall it was a lovely meal and a fantastic evening of dancing and enjoying the open bar! 

Fireworks were totally out of our budget, but fortunately another party nearby had them so we ended up with a free display, which was brilliant! I had worried that not having a lot of guests would make the party seem a little empty but it honestly didn’t matter. I had such an amazing night celebrating with our nearest and dearest! 

Although I drank a lot, I can remember absolutely everything about the night with perfect clarity. I had forgotten to throw my bouquet so I ended up flinging it as we walked out of the venue and my lovely uni friend Georgie caught it. We got back to our hotel at around half past twelve and collapsed into bed in a happy wedding bubble. 

The next day my mum looked after the children for us so that we could have some time away from them as we aren’t honeymooning until next year. We went up the cliffside for lunch and cocktails with my dad and his partner and then spent the rest of the afternoon back with everyone by the pool at the hotel. 

On the Monday morning we had to get up bright and early to meet our coordinator at the town hall to sort out the marriage certificate and then the day after that we flew back home. 

It was all over fairly quickly – a short and sweet trip away, but I am still so pleased we did it, despite the issues we were plagued by. It was a truly stunning place to get married and Santorini will always hold a special place in my heart now. 

I am planning a further post about the things I would do differently getting married abroad, so if you are planning a destination wedding, keep an eye out for that. 

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15 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday – Our Santorini Wedding

  1. thegermanwife

    i am gutted for you that the wedding planner was not nice and the wedding cake didn’t go to plan but it looks like you had an amazing day with your dearest family and friends you looked absolutely stunning! I was exactly the same i got stressed out about having all the pictures taken that i wanted because my son went “missing” in a cornfield having fun with his friends so there is no picture of us 4 at all!


  2. blacktulipbeauty

    This looks like SUCH a beautiful day and you look amazing! I would love my wedding to be exactly like this, small and sweet! Such a shame your wedding planner seemed like a bit of an idiot but at lease everything turned out okay in the end and you had a brilliant day 🙂 these pictures are definitely something to cherish forever!
    Alice Xx


  3. Emma Drury

    You look so stunning & your wedding sounded incredible! The pictures are fantastic, such incredible scenery and definitely something you’ll treasure forever 💛
    Emma |


  4. ofbeautyand

    Your photos are so gorgeous and I’d love to visit Santorini x


  5. Taylor Jane

    These photos are absolutely beautiful, I’d love to visit here. It’s my dream holiday, I am going for my best friends wedding next year to Italy! Very excited xx

    Taylor Jane ox |


  6. ellieedx

    Such a shame your wedding planner didn’t seem great and help with what you really wanted. Other than that it looks so beautiful and I would love to go to Santorini. You look gorgeous and I’m so glad even though there was a few problems you had a perfect day!

    Ellie x


  7. luxblush

    It looks like you had a beautiful day and you look amazing! It’s a shame about the wedding planner, as they don’t sound very helpful! So glad you had a great day even if there were a few problems xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


  8. weddingsonasixpence

    Wow, you were a beautiful bride and your wedding dress was simply perfect for you. I was sad to read that your wedding planner was not very nice and took away some of the magic for you!

    Michelle x


  9. Joyce

    Congratulations!!! Despite all the problems it turned out beautiful!!


  10. Cindy

    You are absolutely glowing!! What a beautiful venue for a beautiful couple and family 🙂

    Cindy |


  11. charlotteannelane103

    You look absolutely gorgeous!! It’s such a shame about your wedding planner though, she sounds horrible.. The photos are soo lovely and Santorini is a place I am dyyying to visit xo

    Char |


    1. evenangelsfall89

      Thank you – yeah, she was nasty! You definitely should go to Santorini – it’s amazing out there! x


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