Food & Fitness Friday – Date Night at Las Iguanas Bournemouth 

Ever since the restaurants were revealed for the BH2 leisure complex I’ve been excited for one in particular. Ed and I first came across Las Iguanas just over two years ago when we went on a mini break to Devon. Stopping off on the way, we ate at the Exeter branch and loved the laid back vibe and Mexican dishes on the menu. 

I recently went to the Bath branch whilst on my hen weekend, and I was really excited when the chain finally made its way to Bournemouth this summer. I’ve actually been twice now as I went with my university friends when they visited a couple of weeks ago and made Ed so jealous that I had to take him back for our date night this month. 

The Bournemouth branch is quite different from both Exeter and Bath, it seems a lot bigger for a start, spread out on two levels with a indoor bar and outdoor decking area at the entrance. 

When I came with my friends it was a Saturday night at half past eight and I would definitely recommend booking a table in advance, as we had, as there were a few people waiting for a table. Service did seem quite slow as well, with a long wait for both drinks and food at the table. We didn’t mind too much as we were in no rush and we had lots of catching up to do, but it’s worth noting if you are making plans for after your meal. 

For our date night, we had booked a table for 6pm but we arrived fifteen minutes early and decided to sit outside as it was a lovely sunny evening. 

Las Iguanas offers two for one cocktails all day everyday, which is brilliant, although as with a lot of places they need to be the same cocktail which meant that Ed was forced to have the very fruity, rather girly Watermelon Margarita that I ordered. I don’t think he was very impressed! 

We decided to order the Totopos (corn chips with salsa) for whilst we waited for the rest of our food. Ed decided on two Taco planks for his main whilst I went for the burrito with shredded beef braised in chipotle. I’m fussy and hate guacamole and sour cream so asked for it without, which wasn’t an issue. 

As we had decided to sit outside we had to order at the bar, which wasn’t a huge issue but did mean that we ended up only getting the one cocktail as we didn’t feel like paying twice. Unfortunately we were overcharged initially, although this was quickly rectified when I spotted the error on the receipt. 

Our order was then slightly messed up and the Totopos arrived along with Ed’s main course but mine took a further ten minutes as they had assumed the Taco planks were to share. 

It was a little frustrating as it meant that Ed had finished eating by the time my food arrived, although it did allow me time to take some photos of Ed’s food without my own getting cold, silver lining and all that… 

I absolutely loved my meal. With the girls I’d had the Steak & Queso Taco, which was nice but a little plain for me. In contrast the burrito was bursting with flavours. It was quite spicy and my mouth did feel a little on fire by the end, but luckily I am a fan of spice. The beef melted in my mouth it was so tender and I know Ed loved it too judging by his reaction when I gave him a bite (and the fact he took a second uninvited!). 

The meals were very generous in size, especially for the very reasonable price (around £12 each) and we were both full so decided not to get a dessert, although Ed had been eyeing up the Aztec Chocolate Fudge cake and I would have liked to try the cheesecake or the salted caramel ice cream. 

I would recommend a visit to Las Iguanas in Bournemouth but I would definitely recommend booking a table in advance and avoid busy periods if you are in a rush, although I appreciate the slower service may just be down to teething problems with it still being fairly new. 

We will definitely be back as Las Iguanas has become one of my favourite chain restaurants and I know Ed will be ordering the burrito next time as he had serious food envy!

I was not invited to Las Iguanas for the purpose of review, we paid for our own meals, however I wanted to write about our visit. 

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