Our Santorini Wedding – 7 Weeks to Go

It feels like longer than two weeks since I wrote my last update. So much has happened. Reading the last post back, I can’t believe how stressed I was over details that I now realise weren’t actually that big a deal. 

Ironically, a few days after the post went live, our menu was finally confirmed and I was able to send a message to our guests with the details of our wedding ceremony and reception… and then, the next morning, I received an email sent from our Greek wedding coordinator to our tour operator, which mentioned our reception being held in a cave…. 

To cut a very long story short(ish), this was the first we had heard of the reception venue not being the cliff-side venue where we are saying our vows. As I am claustrophobic, having any part of our day in a cave was out of the question, just the thought of it made me feel physically sick, and it was around this point in time that everything came crashing down around me. 

Even if I hadn’t of been claustrophobic, we wouldn’t have booked the venue if we had of known the reception would be in a cave. We didn’t book a wedding in Santorini, amongst such stunning scenic views, to then hide away in a cave, which could be anywhere in the world. 

Our wedding company promised they would find an alternative venue, but due to several factors, it took almost a whole week for this venue and the details to be confirmed. In that time I experienced huge periods of stress which had me wanting to call the whole thing off. It may be hard to understand why I took it so badly, but my anxiety makes even the smallest problem seem huge and impossible, so when faced with something as worrying as not having a reception venue for a wedding which is mere weeks away, it took over and threatened to destroy my already fragile nerves. I have not been sleeping. I’ve felt sick and on edge constantly. 

I hate confrontation and tried to avoid arguing our case, but it all came to a head on Saturday afternoon and I ended up nearly shouting down the phone to our contact at the company. Fortunately by Monday, the new venue was confirmed, along with a new ceremony time of 5.30pm to cover the twenty minute journey that will now be necessary between ceremony and reception venue. 

The reception venue is beautiful, in its own way. It’s not what we envisaged or originally booked and I’m less than impressed that we will be sharing the venue itself with at least one other bride and groom (although from what I gather, the venue is large and we shouldn’t bump into this other couple), but I no longer feel a sense of dread when I think of the wedding. I haven’t quite got my excitement back just yet, but I’m hoping this will come in the next week or so as details are reconfirmed and finalised. 

It is so surreal that we have effectively only just booked our reception venue, with a month and a half to go before we fly out, but in a way it will add to the excitement in the long run. 

The next week will involve lots more emails across to our Greek wedding coordinator, and there’s some legal paperwork we need to get sorted too, so things will be a little stressful still until those bits are sorted out. 

Last week I finally chose my wedding perfume – Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, and I am having to stop myself from wearing it as it smells so nice! I also had my nail trial done and I love the colours I’ve chosen for my hands and feet. It’s given me a nice distraction from all the issues we’ve been having. I have a couple of little gifts to shop for, but really the majority is now done and it’s a bit of a waiting game… 

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7 thoughts on “Our Santorini Wedding – 7 Weeks to Go

  1. Kirsty Dee

    I’m sorry this happened to you both and I’m so glad it’s all sorted. Thinking of you and hope you have the most amazing day regardless, I’m sure you will. Things have a strange way of working out even better x


  2. Babies and Beauty

    Oh Emma you poor thing. The last thing you want to be worrying about so close to the big day, glad it’s sorted though and you wont be in said cave!


  3. popitha

    It sounds like you have had a tough few weeks but you will have the best day when it finally arrives. Enjoy it, love every min and remember it – it will go so quickly!


  4. mandy

    Not long to go and it will come around so quickly…so excited for you!


  5. lifeasmrsd

    I hope the new venue is beautiful for you. I always tell nervous friends “all that matters is that the two of you are married at the end of the day. Nothing else matters”


  6. AutismMumma

    We got married abroad so I totally get the feeling of “I’m trusting this person at the end of the phone to get this right for me”, hopefully now that your venue problem is sorted, you can start to relax a bit, good luck!


  7. London Mumma

    I’m so sorry you guys had a stressful period, it must be so frustrating as you guys are based in a totally different country as to where you will be getting married. Even though you may to share a venue, at least it has been booked and it’s one thing to check off the list.


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