Style – Summer Wedding Guest Outfit 

In case you hadn’t noticed by now, I LOVE weddings! I built my early career around wedding planning and I have been known to refer to magazines like Perfect Weddings and Wedding Ideas as ‘wedding porn’. 

Since being on maternity leave from my job as wedding coordinator I’ve had serious withdrawals from weddings so I was very excited when Ed and I received an invite to his cousin’s evening wedding reception. 

I had seen this dress in New Look a couple of months ago and I didn’t know whether to get it. At around £30, it was more than I usually spend on dresses (yes, I know I’m cheap), but after trying it on I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and when I brought it home and showed Ed, he said I would have been silly not to buy it as it looked good on me. So, reassured it was a worthwhile purchase, I put it away in our wardrobe and forgot about it. 

The wedding we are going to is this weekend and when panicking about what to wear I remembered the dress and figured it would be perfect for the occasion. It’s made from a nice light material, isn’t revealing, and isn’t white, cream or black (colours to generally avoid as a wedding guest). 

I love the summery floral print, and the flattering cut which makes me look taller and slimmer than I actually am. Now the outfit is sorted, I can look forward to the wedding and celebrating with Ed’s family! 

Unfortunately this dress isn’t available anymore, but there are some other gorgeous floral styles on the New Look website including this beautiful navy blue Bardot dress
Have you found any gorgeous outfits for weddings this summer? 

This dress was purchased myself with my own money, I simply loved it so much I wanted to share it. 


8 thoughts on “Style – Summer Wedding Guest Outfit 

  1. I never get invited to weddings, which I’m kinda ok with because I have nothing to wear. I don’t really want to buy anything either because I have loads I could wear if I lost weight.

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  2. This looks great! I went through a phase of buying loads of gorgeous dresses but they are all sat in my wardrobe as we have no nice events to wear them to 😦

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  3. That’s a lovely dress. We only have 1 wedding this year and it’s at the end of October so will need to be warm. I’ve struggled the last year with dresses though as I’ve been breastfeeding, and there aren’t many dresses out there at the moment that are breastfeeding friendly and look nice!!!

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  4. I love that pattern!! I used to be all single colours but now i love florals and funky patterns.. it really suits you and you are stunning!!

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