Mummy Mondays – Why Water Wipes Work for Us 

As Benjamin is my third baby, you could say I’ve picked up some tips and tricks along the way and, by the time it came to preparing that all important new baby essentials kit, there was one thing I was definitely stocking up on. 

I occasionally used water wipes with my daughter, but often the deals on other well known brands had me opting for the cheaper wipes. I tend to turn a blind eye to chemicals when it comes to my own skincare, but recently I’ve become more concerned about what I’m putting onto the children’s skin. There have been some scary articles in the news in the past few years about once trusted big brands so this time round, I’m prioritising Benjamin’s sensitive baby skin and I’ve only ever used water wipes on him. 

Saying that, I attempted the more traditional cotton wool and water for all of three nappy changes, but the faffing around got too much with a newborn and two older children. Reaching for the water wipes, I was safe in the knowledge that they are natural and pure enough for even the newest of newborn baby skin. They are in fact now recommended by most midwives as a safe alternative from the very first change. 

Unlike other well known brands, whose fragrance free wipes still contain an array of additional ingredients (seriously, read the packs, it’s scary!), water wipes are made up of only water and a drop of grapefruit extract and are the only baby wipes to be approved by Allergy UK. 

Despite being slightly higher in cost than competitor brands, I now won’t go elsewhere. The thing is, Water Wipes are economical. As the wipes are quite large and thick I tend to only use one or two wipes at a time When I used the cheaper brands with my previous children, I went through the packs quicker as the wipes were thinner so I used more at each change. So for us, I’ve found water wipes are actually more cost effective in the long run. 

When the lovely people at Water Wipes offered to send us some of their wipes I jumped at the chance. Our stocks had been running low and when the package came in the post I happily added them to our reserves. In general, I tend to stock up on the wipes when Boots have offers, so, as a member of the advantage card parenting club, it helps my points increase at the same time.

Water Wipes are now a firm favourite for us and I tend to pop a pack into baby shower gifts so I can let other parents see for themselves how good the wipes are. 

I was sent some water wipes for the purpose of review, however, all views are my own, this is a product we have now been using for 5 months. 


6 thoughts on “Mummy Mondays – Why Water Wipes Work for Us 

  1. Fully agree. I used water wipes on both of my babies from new born for the first few months, before moving onto a different brand once they delicate newborn skin was less sensitive. I really rate them. Kate R


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