Wedding Wednesday – Introducing ‘Behind the Bride’

My Sit Down with a Supplier series continues to be successful every fortnight but sometimes I struggle with what to write about our own plans when much of them are in limbo until a little closer to the time as so much is included in our package. 

Getting married abroad is brilliant but it does mean less planning (which for an event management graduate is a little hard) so rather than focusing on our own weddding each fortnight, I thought I would instead start up a sister series – Behind the Bride – a chance for me to chat with fellow fiancées to find out about who they are, how they met their partner and of course all about their wedding plans, no matter what stage of planning they may be at. 

Occasionally I’ll also be interviewing those already married for a reflective look back on their wedding day with advice for those yet to tie the knot. 

I’m really looking forward to this new series as I am totally nosey and love weddings! 
If you would be interested in taking part in this new series please let me know via email – 


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