Wedding Wednesday – Best Christmas Proposal Ideas 

Planning to propose to your partner this Christmas, here are some cute ideas of how to go about it for an extra magical proposal…   

1. He’s Making a List 


What better way to propose than with a personalised Treasure Hunt (I am a little biased as this is how Ed proposed to me). 

2. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree


Not only does it say it for you, but you get to keep it forever as a memento of your proposal! 

3. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year 


With so many gorgeous backdrops to choose from, Christmas is the perfect time for a well timed photographed proposal. 

4. Walking in a Winter Wonderland 


Why not get down on one knee during a winter walk? Bonus points if it manages to snow beforehand! 

5. It’s Written in the Snow 


If we do happen to have a white Christmas (very rare where I live in the south), make the most of it and write a message in the snow! 

6. Say it with Sweets 


Candy canes are perfect for making love hearts – aww! 

7. Spell it out 


Get technical and spell out your big question with Christmas lights! 

8. Oh Christmas Tree 


There’s something ultra Christmassy about picking out your tree, monopolise this and propose amongst the greenery.

9. Mistletoe and Wine  


This indoor picnic proposal is so sweet! Make sure to turn the heating up and add plenty of blankets to make things nice and romantic

10. Down on one Skate 


Even if you can’t skate, this proposal idea is really cute. Plus it’s the perfect backdrop to say yes! 


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