Tiny Tracks – Popular Music for Children 

The children take after me and love listening to music. A little while ago they started getting into the habit of listening to it before going to sleep, after their bedtime story. Until now I had just been using an old classical music cd for them as it was fairly relaxing and peaceful and long enough that I could just leave it to play out. 

I heard about Tiny Tracks through a Facebook group I belong to and I loved the concept of normal songs being made into lullabies as Carly and Cameron are at an age where they feel normal lullabies are a little babyish. 

Just in time for Christmas we came across the Tiny Tracks versions of popular Christmas greats and the children love this festive twist on their nighttime music playlist! 

Tiny Tracks is the brainchild of Australian music teacher Ric Mills, and was thought up when he couldn’t find the kind of music he wanted for his own daughter at bedtime. 

The range includes popular songs from chart toppers such as Adele and Bruno Mars as well as the Christmas greats and a tribute to The Wiggles. The music can be purchased as a CD from February 2017 or via iTunes and Google Play digitally now. 

For more information, Tiny Tracks has a Facebook page. 

I was provided with a sample playlist of the tracks for the purpose of this review, however all views are my own. 


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