Moving Forward Once More with Our House Purchase

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Last week I posted an update on our house purchase, which wasn’t very positive. Ed and I spent the weekend having a big discussion about what we wanted to do, and we decided to proceed with the mortgage application, despite needing to put £13k more equity in to the purchase, which is going to leave us with a minimal amount to do any immediate work to the house.

For this reason, we are now having to look at the house and decide what work should be prioritised for when we first move in, and what can be pushed back until we have more money to work with.


I’ve mentioned before how important flooring is to me. The house we live in currently has carpet which is old, always seems to look messy, even when freshly hoovered, and it’s completely put me off carpets, if I’m being honest. Hardwood flooring looks so much nicer, fresher and cleaner, and is definitely something I am looking to prioritise in our new house. You can get flooring in a variety of different finishes and types of wood, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive option.


Something I hadn’t really noticed before showing my dad photos when he visited this week, was the ceilings in the new house, which are pretty rubbish. I am now looking into what we can do to change them up and make the rooms look fresher, hopefully without a huge amount of cost.


My dad also suggested trying to save up for an extension on the back of the property before redoing the kitchen, which was originally our first priority. He said that it would be pointless spending out on a new kitchen, if in a year or so we would extend at the back of the house and need to add on to the room. I really don’t think an extension is something we will be able to afford right away, so instead it may be necessary to put a hold on the kitchen plans until this is affordable.


I’ve mentioned before that parking is important to me. I don’t deal well with not having an allocated parking space as it triggers my anxiety. I’ve really liked having a drive for the past several years, and I really wanted to have one at the new place, but it just isn’t feasible. Instead, we need to apply to drop the curb outside the house, so that we can guarantee parking for us. This is non negotiable to me, it is the first thing I want to do when we move.

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