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Being at home a lot due to lockdown, I have had more time for self-care, which for me includes taking care of my skin and hair, whilst I have been unable to go out to beauty salons and hairdressers. I am fortunate that I get sent press samples from beauty brands from time to time, as part of my role as a blogger, so some of the items featured have been gifted to me over the past few months. I have highlighted blonde hair, which is currently growing out from a bob cut, and my skin is very dry, with eczema in patches, so I definitely benefit from some proper TLC on a regular basis, something I really wasn’t keeping on top of pre-lockdown.


Conditioning Body Serum*

As I mentioned, my skin, especially on my legs and arms, gets incredibly dry. I have been using this body serum after a shower and find it really helps lock in moisture and keeps my skin feeling soft, especially after shaving, for longer. Best part? It contains natural essential oils and smells like a spa treatment – love!

Body Shimmer Souffle

I have just repurchased a Ted Baker shimmer body souffle, after my last one ran out. They aren’t exactly the same, as my previous one was discontinued, but I have high hopes for this beautifully packaged Midnight Bloom version. I love applying it to my legs and arms on a night out, or when I am taking outfit photos in the garden, to give me a nice glow.


Gel Nail Colours

I had got into a routine of having my gel nails done every month or so, before lockdown. It had become my little self-care treat, but obviously salons have been closed for months. Instead, I purchased these gel effect polishes from Nails Inc, which are lovely bright colours, perfect for summer. I find that they don’t chip as soon as other nail polishes, and the finish is really sleek.

Maximum Growth Nail Treatment

My nails are in awful condition because I bite them, and the skin around them, when I am anxious. I have been using this Maximum Growth treatment on them in between nail polish applications, to try and help strengthen them up and get them growing again.


Tanning Mousse*

I have used St Moriz as my fake tan of choice for years, ever since I was in my early twenties, I think. I just couldn’t afford the more expensive brands, and heard that St Moriz has almost the same ingredients as other luxury tans, so I gave it a go and never looked back. I love this version, which develops slowly, giving you a streak-free finish. I usually apply before bed and then shower as normal in the morning and I am good to go. I have white bedsheets and have never had an issue with staining.

Advanced Tanning Serum*

Although I have used St Moriz for a long time, I had never given their tanning serum a go before and was intrigued to see what it was like. I love that it helps with stretch marks and wrinkles, whilst providing colour. I have lots of stretch marks on my stomach, hips and upper thighs, so it has been good to find a product which helps with these areas, in a tan.

Beautifying Suncare Oil

I first tried the Caudalie Suncare Oil when I was gifted some following a press visit to a spa and I fell in love. I have eczema and sensitive skin, and I find a lot of suncreams irritate me. This isn’t a cheap product, but I will keep repurchasing, as I know it will keep me protected from the sun, whilst keeping my sensitive skin happy. Plus it smells incredible.


Overnight Repair Serum*

If your hair needs some proper TLC, this overnight repair serum is what you need. It helps repair the damage, whilst you are sleeping – it’s like magic. I straighten my hair every other day, and quite often curl when I want to look a bit more put together, so I have split ends and my hair just looks quite tired and straggly in between hair appointments. This oil is a lifesaver – just don’t use too much or you will end up very greasy come morning!

Hair Primer*

I was sent across a few products to try, from Shrub, who have a range of vegan haircare, with ingredients sourced from British farms. Their hair primer is for use on either wet or dry hair, to protect from heat damage. It smells really nice, and didn’t feel sticky like other products I have used before.

Instant Detangling Spray*

I must admit, I didn’t really use a detangling spray before, as my hair doesn’t usually get that tangled. However, I used this on my seven year old daughter’s hair and it was incredible. Her tangles were so much easier to work through, and her hair looked so much healthier and shinier after applying this spray straight from the bath.

Sea Salt Texturising Spray*

The last product from Shrub was the Sea Salt Texturising Spray, which I have used on both my daughter’s and my hair. I will admit, this didn’t really give us waves (I am not sure if I didn’t use it correctly), however, it did leave our hair smelling gorgeous, and it gave a lovely finish. My daughter’s hair, especially, looked like she had been in a hair salon, after using this, so I will keep using.

Full Restore Intensive Mask

I have had a struggle to get hold of this Intensive Repairing Mask during lockdown. I haven’t wanted to visit Boots, so have been trying to find it on Amazon and in the supermarkets, to no avail. I love how this makes my hair feel, when it needs some extra love. I have tried other versions from the same brand and have found they leave my hair feeling weighed down and greasy, but this one is just right for my hair. It has a really pleasant smell too.


Reverse Gravity Eye Cream*

I have tried several products from ARK Skincare before, but hadn’t given their eye cream a go before. I love the rollerball application, which feels like it is doing some good, when used with the cream to gently apply the product to the under eye area – it has definitely made my eyes less ‘puffy’ in appearance, even after a night without as much sleep as I would like. I am starting to notice more fine lines and wrinkles around eyes now I am in my thirties, so an eye cream is essential. I found this cream helped to tighten the skin around the eye, without drying it out.

Glow Tonic

I hadn’t tried any products from PIXI until recently. I knew I needed to give their Glow Tonic a go, after seeing so many people rave about it. I went for the smaller bottle, as I wasn’t sure whether I would like it or not, but I definitely feel like it does something to the brightness of my skin when I use it. It is a little drying, so I make sure I follow it up with a lovely moisturising face cream.


Touche Eclat Blur Primer

I have tried plenty of primers over the years, but I find most of them just don’t work for me. I love this blur primer from YSL. It leaves my skin super soft and smooth, ready for me to apply my foundation, and it has a very subtle shimmer, brightening my skin and illuminating my face, under my makeup. It is pricey, but it is one of those items that I will treat myself to every so often, as it just makes me feel amazing.

Georgia Blush Mini

I haven’t really used Benefit makeup since I was a teenager, until recently when I came across this Georgia blush, which is a peachy colour and leaves my skin looking sunkissed, without being overly dark, like bronzers do. It is expensive, especially for this smaller size, but I have yet to find a cheaper version which looks as nice on my skin tone.


Whitening System*

I am awful when it comes to teeth whitening treatments, I usually forget to use them, and I never see much of a difference. I have been giving the advanced whitening system, from Glo32, a go, and I love how quick and simple the strips are to use. Unlike some brands I have tried, these don’t feel uncomfortable whilst applied, and I was able to talk to Ed whilst I had them on. They do tend to stick a bit to your teeth when removing them, but I just use my toothbrush to remove the excess product and it is fine. I love that it comes with a Stilo, to brighten teeth whilst travelling or on the go.

Items with an asterisk (*) are press samples, gifted to me. All words, opinions and images are my own and I was not asked to write this post.  

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