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I have shared before that we are currently renting, with plans to buy in the near future. Over the past year or so I have been following home accounts on Instagram, including that of a good friend, and I have definitely come around to Ed’s idea of buying somewhere that we can renovate to really make it our own. Taking things slowly has given me a proper chance to research what I would like for our forever home when the time is right, and I have put together a list of home interior ‘lust haves’.

Wooden Floors

Having spent the past few years hoovering the entire house what feels like every single day (the kids drop a lot of food), I am putting my foot down and demanding some wood flooring when we move. Engineered wood flooring is long lasting and moisture resistant – perfect for a family with young children like us. I have been pinning away to my heart’s content as well as looking into the designs I like best (I am definitely leaning towards Walnut, but ultimately it will be down to what suits the house we end up buying).

A Home Library

This is a fairly new daydream, and one that I haven’t actually discussed with Ed as of yet, but I really love the idea of a home library. I am not talking a room of Beauty and the Beast standards, but I would like to have the storage space to display all of my books (I am gaining quite an impressive collection), and an area for me to sit and read to myself and to the children as well.

An Open Plan Kitchen

Ed has always wanted a big kitchen and, having lived in homes with barely any space to cook for the past few years, I would like one too. I have seen some gorgeous open plan kitchen and dining rooms online and it is firmly on the list for when we are looking for our next house. I want a central island and plenty of surface space to prepare meals whilst entertaining friends and family.

Exposed Brick Interior

For anybody who follows me over on TikTok, you may know where this one has come from. I have developed something of a soft spot for the walls of our house, which are the backdrop for the majority of my videos. I have been looking at exposed brick interiors on Pinterest and would love to create this for our future home, perhaps in the living room.

A Loft Conversion

Ok, so this may be a project for ‘the future’, but I love the idea of converted loft. We had one in the house I grew up in – it was my brothers’ bedroom, and I always thought it was a really cool room to have, plus it would be fantastic for us as we are looking to buy a 3 bed house, but have three children, so it definitely makes sense.

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