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Wedding planning, for some people at least, is a long and stressful process. Making sure the guest list includes the right balance of friends and family, getting the seating plan just right and that’s even before you get down to the food, flowers, band and of course the dress.

But for others this process is a joy and a pleasure to see the details unfolding and being locked into place before the big day draws near. For those types of people, this blog is for you. We take a look at some of the extras that are going to make sure your wedding day is a smash. Those little details that make your special day one that no one will ever forget.

The Table Touches

You’ve got your floral centrepieces nicely displayed and the names set out so everyone knows where they should be sitting. Now it’s time to provide those little extras that will make a great impression.

Rather than have numbers on the tables, why not put the names of places, films or people who mean a lot to you. A great talking point for tables where the guests may not know each other. If you’re planning on having quite the party, you could provide mini-tote bags for each guest packed with hangover cures including eye masks, pain killers, a bottle of water and some decadent chocolate. Make them personal by adding your names and the date of the wedding to the front of the gift bag.


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Around the Venue

For a keepsake that will be great fun to look back on when you’re home from your honeymoon create a beautiful wedding pinata. Perhaps a ball of paper roses with a slit in wide enough for your guests to fill with notes. If you leave a Polaroid camera out they may also be able to post funny photos as well. You’ll have no idea what’s inside until you come to open the pinata.

Another popular idea and one that always goes down well with guests is a photo booth. Leave a box packed full of dressing up clothes, silly masks, hats and fake moustaches and beards and your guests will have the best time dressing up and taking ridiculous photos of themselves. 

A great talking point for friends and great for sharing the results when you the wedding blur is over and you get to catch up with friends.


Your youngest guests often find weddings a bit of a struggle and can’t wait for the point where they can run around. Rather than quash their natural enthusiasm, why not provide a separate kids’ table complete with plenty of colouring and even some kind of childcare if at all possible. A children’s entertainer always goes down well with children but especially their parents!

After the speeches are over and the cake is cut, it’s time to enjoy the rest of the evening and that means dancing. As a special nod to your guests have them fill in musical requests that go in with the RSVP and pass them on to your band or DJ to see if they can include them and read out some dedications from your friends and family.

Go Viral

All thoroughly modern couples are looking to go viral right so get your wedding day trending with its own unique hashtag. Include the information on your menu information and watch your wedding blow up over on Insta. Kanye and Kim have got nothing on you.

On the practical side, this is also a great way to see all your guests’ photos in one place and allows you to choose some of your favourites to print off.

Orders of Service

Who wants a boring order of service? Not us, we love the idea of a mini newspaper given out to each guest with all the information that you could need about the day and some fun photos and cheeky stories to accompany it. A unique and fun way to cram your wedding info, song lyrics and wedding details into one document.

Each wedding is truly unique and what’s over the top for one couple, is just right for another. Whether you’re going for a low-key traditional style wedding or throwing the party to end all parties, try a few of our top wedding tips to give your big day a little something extra. From photo booths to hashtags, it’s those little additions that make such a difference and of course a day that the pair of you will never forget.

This is a collaborative contributed post

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