Tips for Decluttering More Effectively

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Living in a house with three children, sometimes it can feel like I am either always living in a mess or I am tidying up constantly, there is no in between. Since I started back at work in September, I have been looking at ways I can organise the house more effectively, so that I am able to get more done in a shorter period of time and not feel like there is excess ‘stuff’ around us all the time.

Rapid Racking provide methods for organising and decluttering to make better use of the space you are working with. They have put together an eBook with further information, if you are interested.

These are some of the methods I have started to implement into my routine, to save time and declutter more effectively.

Work Room by Room

All too often I have gone into decluttering rather like a headless chicken, moving from room to room and looking in dismay at how untidy the children have left their rooms, how many items are in the lounge that don’t belong there and how many things I need to get rid of. It can be a little overwhelming. Since I have changed my approach, and focused on one room at a time, I have felt a lot more in control and have been able to finish each room and move to the next with ease.

Utilise the Space You Have

As a family of five, it is inevitable that we have a lot of possessions. Three young children means plenty of toys, books, puzzles and games to find homes for, and it would be naive to think that I can get rid of the majority of the things causing clutter in our house. Instead, I try to utilise the space that we have to pack things away. Toys that aren’t being used can go under the bed, seasonal clothing can be packed away at the top of the wardrobe and our suitcases can go out of sight under the stairs when not in use.

Invest in Storage Furniture

In order to prevent these areas from looking cluttered and untidy, we have invested in some storage solutions such as plastic containers for everything from toys to onions and canned foods in the kitchen cupboards. We bought nested suitcases two years ago, which is a great space saver too and a storage ottoman in our lounge is now home to all our board games and puzzles.

Add Shelving

Shelves and racks are the perfect addition to rooms to store items which would otherwise cause clutter and look messy. I really want to get a wine and spice rack in the kitchen, and I have lots of shelving in the bathroom to keep the beauty products all out of the way. A mirrored bathroom cabinet would also work to keep toothpaste and brushes and facial washes out of sight, whilst also looking stylish. Our garage is full of items we don’t want or need in the house, but it can get cluttered. Adding racks for bikes and scooters would help keep this area under control, utilising the space more effectively.

This is a collaborative post. 

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