5 Tips on Preparing For A House Move

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Moving home is an exciting yet slightly chaotic time! There’s so much to prepare that it can be challenging to know where to begin. The key is to get organised early to ease the stress and make the whole process run a lot smoother. For those looking for a little advice, these five tips should get you started.

1 . Declutter First 

When you’re prepping for a house move, it’s a good idea to declutter before you pack everything. It’s normal to accumulate lots of possessions when you’ve lived somewhere for a long while, and many of us tend to hold onto things that we no longer use or need. Go through each room and box up all the unwanted items. Sell them using sites like Ebay or Facebook Marketplace. If you prefer, take them to a charity store. Once you’ve had a good old declutter, it’s far easier to get packing. 

2. Pack Early

Pack as early as possible, only leave out the items that you absolutely need. Once you’ve packed, you’ll feel less stressed, plus you’ll be able to provide your removal company with an idea of how many belongings you have. With this info, you can get a quote to budget with the rest of your removal costs. When you have lots of bulky furniture to dispose of, it might be worth considering having a house clearance service in preparation for the move.

3. Book a removal company

Once you’ve packed enough items, book a removal company to ensure that the move is a smooth and easy process. Companies like MyBekins are a great go-to for residential removal services. MyBekins have much experience in successful residential moves and can offer a quality service plus some great prices. Generally speaking, attempting a house move alone is too stressful! 

4. Organise your bills 

It’s a good idea to get your bills organised nice and early. Inform your gas, electricity, Internet, and council tax providers of your address change. Usually, most providers can make the switch pretty easily, with enough notice. You won’t want to get to your new place and have to wait for the Internet! Plus, if you don’t inform your providers in time, you could end up overpaying. If you’re looking to make some savings, moving home can be a great opportunity to switch your energy providers to find better deals. Green energy solutions can often save you money in the long run.

5. Pre-order your new items

Perhaps you’re going to need to purchase a few new items? Whether it’s curtains or carpets- you’ll want to get this done soon so you don’t have to wait around. You may need to visit your new home to get the measurements first. The sooner that you get organised the sooner that you’ll get settled in. Moving home is a great chance to give yourself a new interior design project. Think about the colour schemes you prefer and what kind of style you’d like to give your new place. With the right interior design work you can even add value to your property.


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