Experiencing a Traditional Indian Wedding as a Wedding Coordinator

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Many moons ago (ok, not that long ago really, but it feels like a lifetime), I used to be a wedding coordinator, working in local hotels and assisting with the planning and on the day coordination of many weddings. It was a brilliant job, and one that I would have quite happily continued doing, had it not been for several issues that cropped up in the way the wedding industry was being run. During my time working in the job, I had the absolute pleasure of working on an Indian wedding reception and the experience was incredible. It was so interesting to see the different approach from another culture, and it has stayed with me ever since.

The Jewellery

Indian brides tend to move around a lot more, with energetic dancing and flowing movement, so their jewellery needs to work with this. I remember being blown away by how much jewellery the bride wore, it was stunning – necklaces, earrings, ear cuffs, nose rings and hand jewellery as well as head accessories. Red Dot Jewels is an Indian jewellery shop, if you are looking for a piece for your own traditional Indian wedding.

The Outfits

As opposed to the traditional white, or ivory dresses I was used to, for Indian weddings, red is commonly worn due to the association with love and passion. The colour is also connected to the rising sun. Indian bridal outfits are gorgeous, again allowing for movement without restriction with flowing, soft and loose materials. As traditional weddings generally last for a few days, it is not unusual for Indian brides to have several outfits to change into as well.

The Atmosphere

The Beauty of an Indian Wedding was what fascinated me. Everything was so vibrant and the joy radiated off of everybody from the bridal party to guests. The music and dancing was just something else, and I think it changed my way of looking at wedding receptions since.

The Cuisine

Something I learnt from the wedding I oversaw was how different the traditional food was to what I would associate with Indian food. Rather than simple dishes, there was so much choice, and it was a brilliant change from yet another wedding serving the chicken to keep the guests happy, as I had become accustomed to. Indian food isn’t necessarily all spicy either, and their desserts are fantastic including kulfi (Indian ice cream) and plenty of cake.

Have you ever been to a traditional Indian Wedding? 
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